Celebrity Talk on Going Green, and the Walk

John Travolta:
Boeing 707, three Gulfstreams and a Lear Jet.
He once landed his Boeing 707 in Ireland to refuel and he was the only person on board.

Sting and Styler:
Styler once ordered her personal chef to travel over 100 miles to make a bowl of pasta for her youngest child. The couple’s carbon footprint estimated 30 times greater than average.

Leonardo DiCaprio:
Produced the 11th Hour (environmental documentary) and claims that if we do not radically change the way we live right away, the Earth will be destroyed. He drives a hybrid petrol/electric car, but he has NOT totally kicked his private jet habit.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie:
Guest narrated an environmental documentary e2 and is a vocal and financial supporter of a drive to build green homes in New Orleans. In 2007 the couple to dozens of trips around the world in private jets. Once he flew from Chicago to L.A. for jury duty only to return the same day to see his wife, who was filming in Chicago. Their own private jet burns an estimated 11,000 gallons on trips from America to Nice airport.

Barbara Streisand:
Publishes on her website: Simple things we can all do to help stop global warming. On tour she requires 120 bath-sized towels immediately upon arrival. Her entourage includes 13 53-foot semi-tractor trailers, four rental vans, 14 crew and band buses and one limousine. She has used a private jet to get from Manchester to London.

— the Daily Mail