Armed Robbery with a Handgun Near Northwest Highway and Euclid Ave

Arlington Heights police look for suspects at the Citgo Northwest Highway and Vail Avenue that matched a description following an armed robbery of a pedestrian near Euclid and Northwest Highway.

A man reported that he was approached by three black males and robbed at gunpoint as he was walking near Euclid and Northwest Highway just after midnight early Saturday. One of the black males about 5′ 8″ with a black handgun was reported to have stuck the gun in the victim’s face and demanded that he give him a black and blue Under Armour backpack that the victim was wearing.

The three black males reportedly fled on foot eastbound toward downtown Arlington Heights. Arlington Heights police checked for possible suspects at the Citgo at Northwest Highway and Vail Avenue, but the check was negative.

An Arlington Heights police officer finds a backpack within minutes after a report of an armed robbery of an Under Armour back pack and contents just after midnight Friday night/early Saturday morning on Vail Avenue near the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

A short time later during patrol of the area, an officer found a black and blue backpack lying in the middle of Vail Avenue between Fremont and St. James Street by the Arlington Heights Memorial Library (about 2,100 feet from Euclid and Northwest Highway).

Under Armour Backpack file photo.

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