American Beverage Institute Campaigns Against Interlock Technology and Anti-Alcohol Activists Public Opinion Efforts with Lindsay Lohan Image

Lindsay Lohan “poster child” for American Beverage Institute USA Today Ad. “Ignition Interlocks a good idea for: Lindsay Lohan (mugshot photo, not text)   But a bad idea for us: (photos of ‘responsible social drinkers’).”

From the American Beverage Institute website …

“…some anti-alcohol activists are seeking increasingly harsh restrictions on social drinkers. This can be evidenced in the transition from the common sense “Don’t drive drunk” message to the similar-sounding but entirely different “Don’t drink and drive” slogan. The American Beverage Institute is correcting this prohibitive message with a more appropriate message: Drink Responsibly. Drive Responsibly. This message recognizes the millions of Americans who responsibly consume adult beverages at a restaurant, a tavern, or a friend’s house before safely driving home—and encourages everyone to drink responsibly and drive responsibly.”

The American Beverage Institute claims that anti-alcohol activists are working to impair the social drinking tradition with excessively harsh language, laws and use of technology.

The institute warns:
“What IF Ignition Interlocks were Installed in Every Car?”

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