Wendy’s Shooting 9-1-1 Tapes Audio Released, Video Shows Gun Show Billboard Near Scene

Gun Show billboard shown in the foreground as paramedics wheel a victim on a stretcher toward an ambulance (still frame from video below).

Video aftermath of shooting scene at the Wendy’s in West Palm Beach, Florida.

9-1-1 Audio transcript of Wendy’s shooting  … developing …

9-1-1 Call Taker: 9-1-1 Emergency

Caller: Gunshot [unintelligible] Oh my God.

9-1-1 Call Taker: Hold on. Get everybody in out of the way. Get everybody out of the way.

Caller: We’re gettin’ out of the way right now.

9-1-1 Call Taker: OK. Hold on. Don’t Hang up.

Caller: OK. I’m not.

9-1-1 Call Taker: Who’s got the gun?

Caller: I don’t know … ma’m, but they’re in their shootin’ … I’m outside.

9-1-1 Call Taker: Inside? They’re shootin’.

Caller: Yes. They. They … Inside … they’re shootin’  OK I’m sorry.

9-1-1 Call Taker: Hold on … Is anybody shot?

Caller: Yes … some lady customer … right here there’s … she’s shot

9-1-1 Call Taker: Hold on.

Caller: OK I’m sorry.

9-1-1 Call Taker: That’s in progress. That shooting’s in progress [talking to dispatchers or responding police units over radio] … 13-seventy … I got it honey … I got … we got help. Is anybody hurt?

Caller: Yes ma’am.

Second Caller: Hey. I’m at Wendy’s … West Palm Beach Florida. I just got shot. A guy shot up the whole Wendy’s.

Second 9-1-1 Call Taker: OK listen to me very carefully.

Second Caller: I can’t move my arm. He blew my arm off.

Second 9-1-1 Call Taker: Listen to me very carefully. I already have police on the way. Alright?

Second Caller: Good.

Second 9-1-1 Call Taker: Tell me who did this?

Second Caller: Hurry I can’t … my arm is … half off. I’m losin’ lots of blood. OK please.

Second 9-1-1 Call Taker: I understand. I need you to tell me who did this. They’re already on the way.

Second Caller: He put a bullet in his head … he’s down.

Second 9-1-1 Call Taker: The guy that did it?

Second Caller: Yeah. He killed himself. He’s dead.

Second 9-1-1 Call Taker: Where is he? Is he inside?

Second Caller: He’s inside, yeah.

Second 9-1-1 Call Taker: Do you know him?

Second Caller: I’m in flight … I’m in flight safety at Biaggio (spelling?/phonetic) School. Please help me.