United Boeing 727 Lands at Meigs Field for Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Exhibit

B.C. Thomas, United Airlines test pilot, landsa Boeing 727 at Miegs Field in 1993 on a shorter than usual runway.

The Boeing 727 flew commercially from 1964 until November 1992. The video is a compilation of coverage from CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS and WGN of the tricky Boeing 727 landing on less than 4,000 feet of runway at the former Meigs Field. The plane was landed there and then shipped to a barge in Indiana for a one-year preparation for an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Meigs Field closed illegally in a controversial move by Mayor Richard M. Daley on March 30, 2003. Private crews destroyed the runway in the middle of the night, bulldozing large X-shaped gouges into the runway surface and stranding 16 airplanes. Daley used the excuse of a post-911 terrorism risk as the reason for shutting down the airport abruptly.

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