Protesters Line Streets for Bush Motorcade in Bellevue, Washington

Demonstrator’s view of the Bush motorcade in Bellevue, Washington [Warning: Language].

AUG 27 2007 — President Bush as he arrives in Bellevue, Washington to raise money for Republican Dave Reichert. Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Bellevue to protest Bush’s appearance. Many held up their middle finger as the motorcade passed and chanted “f*%k you, Bush!”

Dave Reichert has served since 2005 as Republican congressional representative of Washington’s 8th congressional district. He is on the House Committee on Homeland Security. Reichert also served with the King County Sheriff’s Department beginning in 1972. He was a SWAT Commander, Commander-Hostage Negotiation, Commander-Bomb Disposal Unit, Commander-Traffic Unit, and an Acting Commander-Internal Investigations. Reichert was a leading member of the Green River Task Force, which was formed to track down the so-called “Green River Killer.” DNA evidence eventually identified Gary Leon Ridgway as the Green River Killer in 2001. Ridgway was sentenced to life without parole for the Green River murders.

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