DUI Cases Dropped: Chicago Police Officer Didn’t Follow Proper Procedures

Cook County prosecutors reviewing more than 500 DUI arrests made by a Chicago Police Grand-Central District [MAP/SAT] Officer John Haleas who this month was disciplined for failing to follow proper procedure in a DUI stop — 50 cases dropped.

Prosecutors asked an internal investigation more than two years ago to investigate Haleas after he allegedly (according to two prosecutors in training) failed the following procedures in a traffic stop on a suspected DUI:

a field sobriety test
inform the man of his rights to refuse a Breathalyzer exam
suspect observation for 20 continuous minutes before administering the exam

Chicago Police Department Office of Internal Affairs eventually determined and reported that misconduct did occur. Hundreds more case could be dropped. Haleas made 718 arrests in 2005 and 2006, and also was the primary witness in hundreds of DUI cases. Both misdemeanor and felony cases are being reviewed.

Haleas was twice commended by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists as being a “Top Cop” for having more DUI arrests than any other police officer in Illinois.