BLING GROVE: Employee Walks Off with Buffalo Grove Nail Salon Customer’s Forgotten Rings Worth $80K

Kim Chi Tran, 25,  arrested and charged with one felony count of ‘theft over $300’ for taking a customer’s wedding and engagement rings, valued at $80,000 Monday night.

The customer had taken off her engagement and wedding rings prior to a hand massage and placed them on a counter at the Nails & Spa Studio at 290 McHenry Rd. When the massage was complete, the customer left the salon — forgetting her rings. When the customer realized she had forgotten her rings, she called the salon, but it was closed.

The Buffalo Grove Police got involved and questioned the owners first. After denying any theft could have occurred, the owners eventually told police the employee who worked on the customer’s hands was new and that their only contact information was a cell phone number. Eventually Tran admitted taking the rings, was arrested, and is now free on a $3,500 bond.

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