Buffalo Grove Police Standoff at Extended Stay America Ends with Camera-Carrying Robot

Multi-community police response, standoff with barricaded man startles early morning exercisers at nearby Highland Park Hospital Health and Fitness Center.

Stanley Stec, 60, apparently abandoned his car late Thursday or very early Friday morning near Busch Parkway and Milwaukee Avenue [MAP/SAT] and headed to the Extended Stay America hotel, at 1525 Busch Parkway [MAP/SAT] near Deerfield Road and Milwaukee Avenue and the Highland Park Hospital Health & Fitness Center. He left a threatening note at the door of his hotel room that said he was armed and ready to use a weapon against anybody who came through his door.

Meanwhile, the Buffalo Grove Police Department got a call at 5 a.m. about Stec’s abandoned car about 50 feet off of the road. A license plate check identified the owner of the car and led Buffalo Grove police officers to believe he was staying at the Extended Stay America Hotel. When police went to the hotel to ask Stanley about his car, they found the threatening note he left by his door. Now police realized they might have a dangerous man barricaded in a hotel room.

Police immediately evacuated hotel guests from his third floor location and activated a Mutual Aid Police response (ILEAS or Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System) which brings out the SWAT team with sharpshooters taking positions. Police officers from neighboring communities also responded for extra help.

The standoff ended shortly before 9 a.m. when police sent a robot with a camera to Stanley Stec’s hotel room. Stec surrendered and nobody got hurt.

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Live aerial video feed over standoff situation at Extended Stay America hotel in Buffalo Grove from nbc5.com (Routine: simply aerial video; no revealing information except view of hotel and Milwaukee Avenue).