Video of Jets, Including 747’s Landing at St. Maarten

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For the beach … |

If you like getting up close to watch planes landing at O’Hare International Airport, such as near Elmhurst Road and Arthur Avenue [MAP/SAT], or York Road and Beeline Drive [MAP/SAT], or near the Allstate Arena [MAP/SAT]; you are in for a treat … thanks to YouTube contributors. Imagine being on a beach at the end of a runway that lands Boeing 747’s. That’s exactly what the following videos show from St. Maarten in the Caribbean [MAP/SAT]. That’s right, planes landing on runway 09 at Princess Juliana Airport at St. Maarten.

Good video because it offers a side view (starboard) perspective of just how low the 747 is over the beach (sergejbojic).

Excellent video of multiple planes landing and taking off at the runway at Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten (dubaigareth).

Watch for the people flying while their hands are anchored to the chain link fence while an Air France Airbus thrusts forward for takeoff.

Video from the port side of a landing KLM 747. Most video at the beach shows the starboard side (flyunited1979).

Planespotting at SXM (MaxJohnson)

Krassie watches up close (0n3w012ph)

And finally, from the cockpit (dedelef).

Flaps. Gear. Down. Then automated voice navigator proclaims ‘100 feet’ over the beach.

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