Elizabeth Hasselbeck Condemns Imus, Defends Rosie on Hannity & Colmes

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is glad that Imus was fired, but doesn’t think her cohort Rosie O’Donnell should be fired for criticizing Christians or insulting Asians because ‘Rosie is not malicious.’ The following are excerpts from an interview of Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Hannity & Colmes Friday Thursday night (April 12th) a few hours after it was announced that Don Imus was fired from his radio show.

COLMES: So let’s talk about Imus here for a second. What’s your reaction?

HASSELBECK: I actually think today is a good day. It’s a good day for history. It’s a good day for the future.

COLMES: Why is it a good day?

HASSELBECK: I think that the marketplace has spoken.

COLMES: The marketplace hasn’t spoken.

HASSELBECK: I think the listeners have spoken.

HASSELBECK: But apologies and regret and remorse do not give you absolution from consequence. We’re in a society now, we’re afraid to give consequence. And this is — did he lose his freedom of speech? He can go on saying all those things all he wants. People are just going to pay for it.

HANNITY: But you know something? Look, we’ll get into this in a minute here. The Reverend Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton, I have a whole list of every outrageous thing and instance they’ve been involved in.


HANNITY: Their jobs were never taken away from them. Both of them, ironically, are still on the radio. They still have a microphone. They still, you know, continue in their jobs.

You know, look, I don’t want to put you on the spot in terms of your show, but, you know, I watched you, for example, when Rosie said Christianity is as big a danger as radical Islam. I watched her insult Asians on your show. She apologized for that. I think Rosie should be forgiven. I think she was sincere when she said, “I didn’t understand I was offending people.” By that standard, should she have been fired?

HASSELBECK: It’s certainly not position to say if Rosie (INAUDIBLE) it’s my job to show up every day. And I love the responsibility. And I take full pleasure in countering everything she has to say.

HANNITY: I know, and you’re great.

HASSELBECK: Our show is called “The View.”


HANNITY: Imus has a view, too.

HASSELBECK: He certainly does, and it’s answered.

HANNITY: And the only thing I’m saying here is, if that’s the new standard — and I would not want to see this in America. I want to live in an America where, if you make a mistake — and he made a huge one. What he said was despicable.


HANNITY: But I also think a lot of things that Rosie has said is outrageous, and I think a lot of things that Senator Byrd has said is outrageous over the years. He still has a job. And I think what Sharpton has said is outrageous, and I think what Jackson has said is outrageous. And I think if we don’t stand back here and allow people to admit they made mistakes and apologize, I think we are going to stifle freedom of speech in a way that I don’t think any of us can even begin to anticipate.

HASSELBECK: I understand your concern. I mean, we’re in the same industry. I believe that, you know, we’re all out there saying things that we believe.

But I do believe in consequence, and I believe the people have spoken. And I think that has to be respected, as well.

And the initial two-week suspension not enough to satisfy. And I just had — I honestly would have more respect for Don Imus if would have said, “You know what? I’m going to take a break. I obviously said something, and I need to re-evaluate how I’m doing my job, if it’s getting this sort of result and reaction. I’m going to take a year off.” That would be so much more respectable.

HANNITY: Can I put you on the spot, even though you’re my friend? I don’t like to put you on the spot.


HANNITY: If that’s the standard, and I don’t think it should be — you and I have a disagreement on that — when Rosie made the comments about Asians, should she have taken a step back?

HASSELBECK: That would be for Rosie to decide if she should step back or not. You know, Rosie’s intentions were not…

HANNITY: But you’re making an opinion about Imus.

COLMES: Then it should be for Imus to decide.

HASSELBECK: Rosie was not doing anything in a malicious way when she made those remarks.

HANNITY: I still think it was outrageous, but I accept her apology.

Sounds like fundamental attribution error. See it defined, click here. Or is the double standard simply a coworker covering for a coworker to keep life a little calmer.

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