SideKick Stops Receiving and Sending E-Mails

All of a sudden your T-Mobile SideKick doesn’t send e-mails with the POP3 setup? Yeah … That’s bad, T-Mobile support has a quick fix, though. Plus everything else about the SideKick works so well … I guess this is a minor rant. What to do? You have to delete your account that is not working. Then set it up again. You might want to write down your settings for the account before you delete.

Here’s the play-by-play: In e-mail mode where you see the list of e-mails, with the inbox, etc.; pull your menu down to Settings: Accounts. You will see a list of all of your accounts that you POPPED. Go to the little troublemaker account with the scroll wheel, then click that DIAMOND (upper left button) to get the menu pulled down again. Hit the DISCARD command. Then go back and create a new account and re-enter your tech stuff for the account.

Overall T-Mobile was pretty good on this. My only rant is (rants are) that the account chokes in the first  place. AND, oh yeah

 … the voice recognition chick doesn’t always understand what you say,
… I was disconnected once
… and the desktop interface to access to the SideKick on the web from the T-Mobile website seemed to forget that I had a SideKick, so it didn’t know to display the desktop interface.
… the first rep I talked to didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked about the desktop interface having gone missing (I figured out on my own after seeing the ‘Not my phone’ link that I had to tell T-Mobile that I had a SideKick, again).

One nice thing: the phone wait was a little long, so I had the option to have T-Mobile call me back. I chose the callback option and a very polite and helpful data tech rep helped me fast and got me on my way.

— mb