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Hip Hop Slang from Wikipedia

Fri November 17 2006 1:53 am
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Popular Hip Hop Terms* 

A list of popular words, terms and phrases. Most terms have been adopted by entities outside of hip hop and used in general conversation.



  • 1/One/One-love: (1) a term of respect in closing of a meeting or conversation. This term is almost exclusive to the East Coast (NY, PA, NJ) of the United States.
  • 1-8-7: Murder
  • 2-1-5/2-1-Fifth: (1) the primary area-code for Philadelphia, PA.
  • 3-1-3/3-1-Third: (1) the area-code for Detroit, MI.
  • 4-1-1: (1) is the telephone directory number used in the US. 411 is used as a slang term meaning “information”.
  • 4-8-0: the area-code for the Pheonix, AZ area.
  • 4-9-3-11/Get the “4-9-3-11”: (1) a number code which when translated to the corresponding alphabetical order spells out the word “dick”. Primarily used in New York City.
  • 5-0: (1) Police. See Five-O.
  • 5-0-4: the area-code for the area of Louisiana including New Orleans.
  • 5-1-0: the area-code for East Oakland, CA.
  • 7-1-3: the area-code for the area of Texas including Houston.
  • 7-1-8: (1) is a New York City area code for The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn.
  • 7-0-7: (1) The Area Code For The Outside BAY “YAY Area”
  • 7:30: (1) Unknown origin, according to an interview with Foxy Brown by The Source magazine, it is the time when mental hospital patients must take their medication, thus implying someone is “crazy”. Frequently used in the New York area as well as other East Coast areas like Boston. In The New York Penal System, a defendant has to take a ‘730 Exam’ to determine their mental status, capability and fitness to stand trial.
  • 8 + 1: (1) a 9mm handgun.
  • 803: An area code of South Carolina
  • 8-1-8: the area-code for the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 8-6-5: the area-code for the Knoxville TN.
  • 9-5-4/3-0-5: (1) South Florida area codes. 954 Fort Lauderdale/ 305 Miami
  • 8-1-7/Holleratchergurl/Holleratcherboi: The area code for Fort Worth, Texas.
  • 187/1-8-7: The code for a possible murder made famous by NWA and movies.


  • A-Alikes: (1) a twin or someone ,with a physical resemblence. (2) a relative. Primarily used in New York City.
  • Aiight: (1) safe or unharmed. 2) yes or very well 3)satisfactory 4)without fail. Derived from “all right”, Aiight carries many of the same meanings. Also can mean mediocre. Often used in exclamatory fashion to show agreement. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Air out: (1 to shoot or “spray” an area in a hail of bullets.
  • Allah/God-Allah/Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head: (1) the deity of the Islamic religion. (2) a term of respect between African-American males affiliated with the Five Percent Nation, as many rappers are followers of Five Percent doctrine. (see Supreme Alphabet)
  • Applehead: (1) a big penis.


  • B: (1) a term addressing someone you don’t know/or a friend. Used in the Northeast/Midwest (NY, NJ, CT, PA, MI, OH, etc), United States. Primarily “uptown” NY
  • Backwood: (1) a type of cigar used for rolling b
  • Badonkadonk: (1) an abnormally large posterior or buttocks on a female; i.e. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, etc. Began as an African-American term but is now used outside of this circle.
  • Balla: (1) Someone with significant wealth or spends a lot of money on material items. Can be used sarcastically.
  • Bama:(1) A person who does foolish actions (2)Someone who does not know how to dress correctly.
  • Bammer: (1) as in bad trees. Taken from San Francisco’s RBL Posse(2) Something that is weak. 3) a gun (as in nickle-plated bammer).
  • Bananas: (1) crazy, often in a positive and/or amazing sense. Primarily used in New York, United States
  • Bangin: (1) Description of something or someone that is very good. (2) partacking in gang activities.(3) Having sex. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc), United States
  • Bangin Out (1) fighting. Primarily used in CT
  • Beast: (1) police.
  • Belly of the Beast: (1) jail, the justice system.
  • Bent: (1) to be high or heavily intoxicated.
  • Big Pimpin’: (1) a male who claims to have access to a lot of money and/or prostitutes.(TX)
  • Biscuit: (1) gun or firearm.
  • Bling-Bling The reference to wearing a lot of diamonds and jewelry. Coined in the song “Bling Bling” by B.G.
  • Biter: (1) appropriator of another man’s style, also a “shark”.
  • Black Chocolate: (1) African-American female.
  • Bone: (1) a marijuana or nicotine cigarette.
  • Boo: (1) a girlfriend or boyfriend. Used as a term of endearment. (See Wifey)
  • Boro 6: (1) The term coined as a reference to Brixton, London. It likens Brixton to the 5 boroughs of NYC so much so that London could easily be considered an extention to NY and on a broader note, America on a whole. Coined in the songs “Boro 6“, “Ghetto Gold” and “Dutty South” by The 57th Dynasty. The term was introduced by Paradise The Prolific of the group who migrated back to London after 18 years in the Bronx, NY.
  • Bounce: (1) to leave. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, etc), United States
  • Bourgeois: (1) a member of the middle class (2) a person who’s values are petty & materialistic. Bourgeoisie, Bougie (slang) -(in Marxist theory) the class opposed to the proletariat.
  • Brains: (1) oral sex or the act of performing oral sex (on a male). derived from the term “getting head”.
  • Breezie: (1) a female (2) a foul disreputable woman. Breezie is slang for females primarily used in the Western (CA), United States.
  • Brolic: (1) to act excessively macho, aggressive, and/or violent. (2) the outward appearance of being strong or physically aggressive. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc), United States
  • Buster: (1) an individual easy to disrespect and or violate, usually due to cowardice or the desire to avoid conflict. Primarily used in Western, United States (CA).
  • Bustdown: (1) a female known for being extremely promiscuous (sleeping around). Primarily used in the Midwest (IL), United States.
  • Bust-down: to bum or lend a ciggerette (bust me down).
  • Butta: (1) pleasant to look at, usually used in reference to cars, clothes, and attractive people of the opposite sex. Derived from “Butter”. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, etc), United States
  • Buggin: (1) acting wierd, crazy, or stupid. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc), United States
  • Bunquito: (1) a male who is fly or attractive. Primarily West Coast and Southwest, popularized by Colie R and Kilbunky.
  • Burton: (1) a Swisher Sweet filled with marijuana. Primarily used in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.
  • Burn/Burner/Burning: (1) having a sexually transmitted disease (as in got burned) (2) v: to smoke marijuana (burn/burning) (3) a firearm (burner). Primarily used on the Westcoast but now known nationally (4) being harshly insulted. Primarily used in Northwest.
  • Butter Pecan: (1) an attractive woman of Puerto Rican descent.
  • Buzzed/Buzzin: (1) the point at which one has been drinking but is not legally drunk according to local law enforcement standards.
  • Babbie: (1) A word that means unfair or something that makes someone mad; heres an example: “Mayne ya’ll went and got some drank and ain’t get me none mayne datz so babbie!” Originated in a small town called Natchez, Mississippi.(MS)
  • Bopper or Bopp’: A flirtatious person, most likely a female, a person with a reputation of being overly sexual with numerous partners. Primarily used In Northeast Ohio, particularly Cleveland. (OH)
  • Bopper: (1)A person who wants to be seen with someone who has a big reputation and has material things.(TX)
  • Butta head: meaning she has a nice body but her face is ugly.


  • C-Cipher Punks: (1) Police
  • Cha’know: (1) “You know?” (2) Usually ends a statement of personal opinion or statement. Generally used in the San Louis Valley region of Colorado.
  • Cake: (1) Kilo
  • Chill/Chillin/Chillaxin’: (1) to relax or in a state of relaxation, also known as “maxin”. When used in conversation (i.e. “you need to chill”), denotes “you need to relax” or settle down. Primarily began usage in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but is now used almost globally.
  • Celly: (1) a cellular phone.
  • Cheese: (1) money and or financial assets. Also, more specifically: cheddar.
  • Chef: (1) Cocaine cook.
  • Chedda Boy/Girl: (1) people making money. Primarily used and Originated in Detroit, Michigan. see songs by Blade Icewood.
  • Cherry Head: (1) an idiot. Also reffered as an “onion head”.
  • Chickenhead: (1) a female of low class and/or moral stature (2) a foul disreputable woman usually lacking goals and direction. Chickenhead has origins in the Northeast, United States but has gained national understanding.
  • Chips: (1) Money.
  • Chop it Up: (1) To receive fellatio. Coined by California Bay Area rapper Too $hort.
  • Chrome: (1) a gun or firearm. (2) adj. chrome plating.
  • Chronic: (1) strong, potent marijuana. So called for its tendency to lead to chronic coughing among its users. Popularized by Dr Dre‘s Album The Chronic
  • Cipher: (1) circle. particularly a circle of people passing marijuana around (2) surroundings, neighborhood. (3) friendly freestyle session amongst a group.
  • Clinger: (1) a prison inmate.
  • Clucker (1) a crack-head or drug addict. Primarily used in the Midwest (Chicago), United States.
  • Cockblock: (1) a person who prevents sexual intercourse between other consenting individuals with their presence or through direct actions. (2) A human condom.
  • Cold: (1) of high quality. (2) pleasing to look at. Primarily used in the Midwestern, United States (IL, MI, WI). (3) to do directly/emphatically (i.e. “… food is served and you’re stone cold munching” – Young MC‘s Bust A Move).
  • Co-sign: (1) the act of adding to or supporting the words and/or actions of another individual, often without solicitation by the individual being co-signed for.
  • Crab: (1) a scavenger.
  • Crackhead: (1) an offensive term used towards someone who abuses drugs, more than likely heroin, crack or cocaine. Originated in Detroit; Primarily used on the East Coast (NY, PA, NJ), United States.
  • C.R.E.A.M: (1) an acronym for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”. Originated by the Wu-Tang Clan. The term has become synonymous with money.
  • Crib: (1) an individuals residence.
  • Crunk/Krunk: (1) To be enjoyable, usually in reference to a party. (2) to become excited and/or agitated. Primarily used in the Southern, United States. (3) to exhibit behavior that is both “crazy” and characteristic of someone who is “drunk.”
  • Crispy: (1) Brand-new, not stale. Originated in Detroit, primarily used in Midwestern United States (MI, IL, etc)
  • Cuffies: (1) cousins. Also a term of endearment among close peers.
  • Cupcaking: (1) the act of showing affection with someone else. Used in the South.
  • Cut/Cutty: (1) to have sexual intercourse with. Originated in GA; primarily used in the Southeast, United States.
  • Chap: (1)Means to be ugly or washed up; Originated in New Orleans.(LA)


  • Dart: (1) rhymes/styles. (2) Cigarette.
  • Dawg/Dogg: (1) a close friend.2)also that very strong boy from Rambam/OJ who is quite taken with a chocolate-milk-phile
  • Dime/Dimepiece: (1) a female who is very attractive on a fictional scale of 1 to 10.
  • Dip: 1) to or in the act of running away. (2) past tense refers to an individual who is well dressed, usually wearing more clothes than jewelry.
  • Diss/Diss’d: (1) the act of disrespecting or being disrespected. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but has gained national acceptance
  • Dripped: (1) wearing plenty of gold and jewelry.
  • Dubs (1) 20-inch rims on a vehicle.
  • Deuce: (1) an extremely unattractive woman, opposite of a “dime”. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States. Also can mean to defecate.
  • Dun: (1) a friend or comrade. Primarily used in the Queens borough of New York City. Originated in Queensbridge, where people would change a beginning letter in a word to a ‘D’ if it didn’t create an already existing word.
  • D.W.B: (1) an acronym for Driving While Black


  • Earth: (1) a term of respect from African-American males to African-American females affiliated with the Five Percent Nation, as many rappers are followers of Five Percent doctrine. Used to refer to ones mother as “old earth” (ex.Inspectah Deck in C.R.E.A.M.)(see Supreme Alphabet)
  • easy: if someone is easy that means you can get in their pants the first time you meet them.
  • Elkin’: (1) a term used to describe the act of elk hunting in the hood, (this term is mostly used inside the “hoods” of Toronto and Vancouver). One example in a coversation between brothers: “Yo son where you been?” the obvious response would be,”Yo man I been elkin'”.


  • Fatty/Fatty McMuffin: (1) a term used among friends, (2) a prevelant nickname, (3) a term expressed when frustrated to describe an enemy. Extremely overused, but still quite popular in the Southwestern region of Colorado.
  • Fish: Female genitalia.
  • free lip: free pussy
  • feelin it: in the mood or into the moment
  • Five-O(5-0): A police officer or police presence. From the 70’s television program Hawaii 5-0
  • Faker Mixxer: A Term used to describe some one who is fake ‘Man u outcha fake mixxin’ This word is used in Charleston South Carolina
  • Fo’Sho/Fo’Shizzle: Derived from “for sure”, definite. Fo’Sho is primarily used in the Midwest, United States. Fo’Shizzle is primarily used in the Western, United States. Both have gained national acceptance.
  • Force’s: Exclusive Nike sneakers often worn by drug dealers, Originated in Detroit, primarily used in Midwestern United States. Also known as Uptowns primarily in New York and D.C.’s in the nation’s capitol.(MI, IL, etc).
  • Flamboasting: Being flamboyant and boasting at the same time. Originated with the hyphee movement in the Bay Area.
  • Floss: To show off and/or tease with material possessions, especially cars or jewelry.
  • Flow/Flowin: The act or description of an artist showing excellent cohesiveness and breath control when rapping, also known as “spittin”. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc), United States
  • Fly: Attractive or enjoying ones material possessions (i.e. “I’m fly). Can also be used to describe an attractive individual or an attractive item. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc), United States but now known nationally.
  • Fresh To Death: Wearing nice clothing/apparel. see fly.
  • Front/Frontin’: (1) to lie and/or exaggerate. (2) to intentionally mislead especially when concerning accomplishments. (3) a person being anti-social or disagreeable. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc), United States.
  • Fugazy: (1) a fake or imitation. (2) to be fraudulent
  • Flip: A word that means taking turns having sex with one person; Example:”Let’s flip her”.(MS)


  • Gaffle: (1) to trick or deceive, especially out of property. Originated on the West Coast, United States.
  • Ganja: (1) the Hindi term for marajuana.
  • Gate: (1) a place where drugs are sold, such as crack houses and “weedspots”. Primarily used in New York City.
  • Glaciers of Ice: (1) big diamonds.
  • God: (1) a term of respect between African-American males affiliated with the Five Percent Nation, as many rappers are followers of Five Percent doctrine. (see Supreme Alphabet)
  • Go To Church: (1) to get involved in a dangerous scheme, but to back out at the last minute because of fear and intimidation. He is all talk, but barely any or no action.
  • God U: (1) a firearm. Wu-Tang Clan member U-God‘s name is derived from this slang.
  • Gouda: (1) Currancy. Popularized by rapper E-40 and the Hyphy Movement. See Cheese
  • Government Cheese: (1) welfare money.
  • Grill: (1) a person’s teeth. (2) To be ‘up in (someone’s) grill’ implies that the person is ‘in (his or her) face’, or in uncomfrotably close proximity. (3) in the Northeast, the term “grill” or “ice-grill” means a heavy stare.
  • Gully: (1) to be of ghetto quality. (2) characterized by dirt and/or grime. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, etc), United States


  • Hater: One who dislikes someone for no reason other than jealousy.
  • Heater: A gun.
  • Herb: (1) an individual that is easily dissed, robbed, or otherwise violated. (2) also marijuana.
  • High Numbers: Many years, usually in refrence of prison time.
  • Holla: An informal greeting widely used throughout the hip-hop culture.
  • Hollows: Hollow-point bullets, which explode on impact, causing them to be more deadly than normal bullets mostly due to rapid spread of lead throughout the body.
  • [Hooptie]: A typically large car, also a slab.
  • Hottie Wit Tha Body: (1) A term used to describe an attractive person, (2) a term used sarcastically to make fun of an unattractive person. Generally overused in the Southwest region of Colorado.
  • homie hopper* a female that goes out with one homie..dumps him and moves on to the next homie.. dumps him… and moves on to the next homie..etc.
  • Hundoe: “Yes” or “That’s what it is”. Used primarily in Rochester New York on the westside Chili Ave. Derived from “hundred per cent”.
  • Hyphy: A hip-hop subculture with it’s own unique slang and dance moves, centering around car culture. Originated in the California East Bay, in cities like Oakland and Vallejo. Usually associated with rappers such as E-40, Keak Da Sneak, and the Federati
    on, to name a few.


  • Ice/Iced-out: (1) an individual wearing an excessive amount of jewelry especially one over-flooded with diamonds. (2) To ice/icing also means to shoot or otherwise kill someone.
  • Ice Cream: (1) a highly attractive woman.
  • Illadelph (illa-del): (1) a term used by Philly residents as an alternate name of their hometown. The origin is unknown but was first seen and heard on The RootsIlladelph Halflife” album.
  • Illin: (1) to stare at another person, usually someone you are not fond of.
  • Iron Horse: (1) train or railroad transportation.


  • Jack: (1) to steal.
  • Jake: (1) a police officer or police presence. Primarily used in the Northeastern, United States.
  • Jawn: (1) Used similar to a noun to describe a person, place or thing. More often when the name of said noun cannot be remembered. Exclusively used in Philadelphia and south New Jersey.
  • Jewels: knowledge.
  • joc: A male’s penis
  • John-Blaze/Johnny-Blaze: (1) see hot. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT), United States.
  • Jump-off: (1) a person involved in a sexual tryst or relationship that has few obligations or expectations other than sexual relations, or the act of being in such a relationship. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Jordan: (1) Used when one does something good, coined by Christopher Jordan, specifically in Norton, MA. (2) When one drains a shot in basketball.
  • Jukin’: (1) To dance while grinding one’s buttocks against another dancer’s pelvis. This slang is common in Chicago


  • Keep It Real: (1) a statement implying that someone be honest or authentic in their statements or actions, be it positive or negative as long as they are being “themselves”.
  • Keys: (1) kilos, typically of cocaine or marijuana.
  • Kid : (1) Term used towards another male (usually a friend) that is usually taken as a friendly way to name or get the attention of another. Usually used at the beginning of the speakers sentence. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY,NJ,PA,MD) United States.
  • King-shit: An exclaimation of a great event or a description of a prestgious material possession ;i.e: a nice car,the culmination of a sexual conquest,etc. Used as early as 1991 by early southern Hip-hop pioneers such P.A. or Outkast. It was prominently featured on Outkast’s debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and Word of Mouf by Ludacris.
  • Knuckle Up: (1) to get ready to fight.


  • Lab: (1) an individuals place of work or anywhere they conduct business. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States
  • Laced: (1) to be paid.
  • Lame: (1) weak or crappy, specifically in Norton, MA
  • Lah/Lye: (1) marijuana.
  • Licking Off: (1) shooting a gun.
  • Liquid Swords: (1) verbal weaponry derived from GZA‘s debut album, Liquid Swords.
  • Llama: (1) gun, derived from the way the Llamas spit when agitated. Also a 9mm handgun called the llama M-82.
  • Lucci: (1) term describing money. Coined by Wu-Tang affiliate La The Darkman.


  • MACS: (1)Machine guns, ususally Mac-10 or 11.
  • Mad: (1) very or extremely. (2) crazy or somewhat fun. Primarily used in Northeastern, United States (NY, NJ, PA).
  • Madhatter: (1) a drug dealer.
  • Mark: (1) an individual easy to disrespect and or violate, usually due to cowardice or the desire to avoid conflict. (2) a person prone or soon to be the victim of a crime, especially a crime involving robbery and/or violence. Primarily used on the Westcoast, United States
  • Mean-Muggin:(1) to look at someone enviously/with hate in their eyes
  • Metal Lungies: (1) true-to-life lyrics.
  • Mollywop:(1) to punch someone very hard.
  • Monday’s: (1) niggas, cause everyone hates mondays. In jest.
  • Money: (1) anyone whose name you don’t know
  • Murk(ed):(1) to murder someone whether verbally or physically.


  • Naw’mean?/Nah’mean?: (1) Do you understand what I’m saying? Derived from “Know what I mean?” or “Know what I’m saying?”. Often used at the end of a sentence to add emphasis. Primarily used in the Northeast, United States.
  • No Homo: (1) punctuation-like phrase, that follows a statement or sentence which could have ambiguous social meaning due to the influx of homo-thugs and bisexual behavior. (2) not to be interpreted in a homosexual way. Originated in New York City but is rapidly gaining recognition throughout the Eastern, United States.< /li>


  • Off-the-Hook: (1) of high quality. (2 pleasing to look at. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but is pretty much nationally understood. Also interchangeable with Off-the-Chain or Off-the-Meter.
  • Old Earth: (1) mother, as described by those affiliated with the teachings of the Five Percenters.
  • On My Grind/On the Grind: (1) one who is going through hard times to get something accomplished. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Only Built 4 Cuban Linx: (1) expression which means “only made for those who understand”. The title of Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon‘s first album.
  • One-time: (1) a police officer or police presence. Primarily used in the Western, United States (Cali).
  • Oowop: (1) an UZI semiautomatic machine gun. (2) Two blunts rolled up together, forming a super blunt.
  • Oxes: (1) razor blades.


  • Paper: (1) money and or financial assets.
  • Peace: (1) A closing to mean goodbye. Depending on the voice inflection, this word can also be used to bring a sudden close to an argument or to give the impression that communication is no longer desired. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States with Five Percenter origins.
  • Pearl: vagina
  • Phat: (1) to be very good, especially in reference to music and viewable content; (2) something of high quality. Similar to “Tight”. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but is nationally accepted.
  • Pie: (1) an undisclosed quantity of material, usually used in reference to illicit drugs and or money. primarily used in the south. Also referred to as a cookie.
  • PJ’s: (1)housing projects.
  • Playa/Player: (1) a male whose primary goal pursuing females is to have sex, most likely more than one. (2) an unfaithful male or female. Can also be used sarcastically.
  • Played/Played out/Played yourself: (1) Something no longer popular or a current trend (as in a “played out” pair of jeans). (2) to be made a fool of (you got “played”) or to make a fool of yourself (“played yourself”). Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but also used on the Westcoast.
  • Please-Believe-Me/It: (1) exclamatory term often used at the end of a sentence to add emphasis on the truth expressed by the preceding sentence. Primarily used in the Western, United States.
  • Politic: (1) to speak or converse with. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Po-po: (1) a police officer or police presence. Primarily used in the Northeastern, United States.
  • Power-U: pussy.
  • Props: (1) a high level of respect or privilege within a certain area or social group. (2) a fist-to-fist salute used alternatively as a greeting and as a sign of respect (also known as ‘Daps’). Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but pretty much nationally understood. derived from the phrase “proper respect”
  • Punani/Poontang: (1) vagina or in reference to vagina. Most commonly used in the pacific-islands(2) coward.
  • Port: (1) A loose Newport.(MS)
  • Pimp hand strong: Taking care of bussiness you are strong inside and no one will mess with you.


  • Rah-rah: (1) exaggerated talk and/or actions to give the, usually false, impression of power, toughness, or machismo. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Rainbow Dough: (1) money from around the world.
  • Redbone: (1) an African-American of light skin complexion. Usually used in reference to females.
  • Relish: (1) marijuana.
  • Represent/Representin’: (1) To acknowledge and assign partial credit for a person’s (positive) action to a group (usually the neighborhood of the person’s origin). (2) to do something, or the act of doing something to the best of ones ability. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Respex: (1) Sexual respect.
  • Ridin’ Dirty: (1) To drive with an expired license or tags (2) to drive with illegal drugs onboard. From Rapper Chamillionaires song “Ridin Dirty”
  • Ruckus: (1) a disturbance or commotion.


  • Save: (1)to be excessively nice to a person due to romantic interest, especially females. A male who attempts be a be a saviour to a woman with personal or financial problems, usually through monetary means (Note: This only applies to a relatively new male-female encounter, as in any long-term relationship emotional support is obvious. A “Captain save-a-hoe” attempts to support a female he barely knows in order to to gain her affection or sex.) Originated by E-40. Also can be heard in the 50 Cent song “Just a ‘lil bit”.
  • Scrape (1) to have sex.
  • Scrub: (1) a man lacking possessions that would be considered attractive by many people, especially women, such as a nice car, personal living space, and/or money (2)a man lacking goals and/or motivation. Originated with the titled song by TLC.
  • Scuds: (1) bullets, after the Scud missles used in the Gulf War.
  • Seed(s): (1) an individuals child/children.
  • Sh
    : (1) a girl. (2) an adolescent or someone significantly younger in age than the speaker. Originated in the Southern , United States. Primarily used in the Northeast, United States but known almost globally.
  • Shaolin: (1) slang term for Staten Island. Thus named by the Wu Tang Clan, who hail largely from Staten island, began calling their home Shaolin because of their fascination with kung-fu movies. This is part of a mid-90s underground movement to raise awareness among minorities of their pre-American ancestry by renaming places after ancient Eastern civilizations, Queens being “Kuwait” and New Jersey being “New Jerusalem”, etc, with the added social commentary of these being places long ravaged by war to remind us of the wars going on in 2nd class communities in America.
  • Sherm: (1) angel dust.
  • Shimmy: (1) ass.
  • Shine: (1) to front on. (2) to show off, often with material possessions such as jewelry and cars. (3) To pass up participation in an event.
  • Shit-Lip: (1) a person with tar from a joint on their lips.
  • Shook: (1) to be scared or frightened. (2) to scare or frighten. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Shout-Out: (1) to acknowledge a friend or acquaintance verbally or through writing. Usually done on TV or radio, or in the credits of some artistic work.
  • Sizzurp: (1) an alcoholic drink composed of vodka, a fruit drink high in glucose, and cough syrup, preferably containing codeine.
  • Skeet: (1) not to be confused with “skeet-skeet”, (1) unfair ruling/ not fair to someone. Most commonly used in the midwestern region of the United States.
  • Skeet-Skeet: (1) a term of unknown origin in the South, United States describing male ejaculation or the “act” of ejaculating. First heard by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz.
  • Slug: (1) bullet, or more specifically the actual projectile part of a bullet.
  • Smacked: (1) to have obtained a state of highness from drugs.
  • Snacka: (1) good pussy. Originated in the Bay Area.
  • Snuff: (1) to punch someone.
  • Soapy: (1) Impressive high quality.
  • Squalie: (1) Police
  • Stunner: (1) a person who is prone to front on. (2) a person who shows off, often with material possessions such as jewelry and cars. Primarily used in the Southern, United States.
  • Stunt: (1) to brag or show off, particularly to show off material possessions such as jewelry and automobiles. (2) a lowly female. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA), United States.
  • Stunt-dummy: (1) an imitation of a product or person. (2) a cheap knock off or imitation.
  • Sun/Son: (1) A term of respect between males, as in “one who shines like the sun” or one who is worthy of respect. However this term is usually misunderstood (or intentionally used) as “son” (e.g. male child of a parent), in this context it could be a term of making oneself superior to a rival male. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States with Five Percenter origins (sun not “son”).
  • Slab: (1) A tricked out car, Slab stands for slow loud and bangin, mainly heard in the southern states; most notebly Texas.
  • Squad Up (slang) Squad Up: (1) getting ready to fight (2) preparing for battle.
  • Stymied: (1) high.
  • Squirrel: (1) A word that is reffered to a freaky girl which means that she’s is only good for “busting” a “nut”.(MS)
  • Snow Bunny: (1) a white female


  • Thick: (1) a woman with a medium to large body frame punctuated with a large butt. There is much controversy over this term as some women who consider themselves “thick” are actually chubby or obese. General consensus is that a woman must have a positive waist-to-hip ratio while at the same time having large thighs and medium to above average breast size with little body fat, such as the body of a moderate female body-builder or female athlete.
  • Throwed: (1) to be extremely intoxicated. (2) Something that has high quality. Primarily used in Southern, United States.
  • Tical: (1) marijuan, also the title of Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man‘s first album, Tical.
  • Tight: (1) personally close; intimate. (2) stingy; difficult. (3) to be very good, especially in reference to music and viewable content; of high quality. (4) to be upset about something. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States .
  • Tits: (1) Cool, (2) an event, action, person, or thing that is interesting or thought of as “hip.” Used mainly in southwestern Colorado.
  • Toast: (1) firearm.
  • Trap: (1) drug dealing. (2) a spot where drugs are distributed, mainly in the southern states. Originated in Atlanta and popularized by rappers Young Jeezy and T.I..
  • Trees: (1) alternate phrase for weed or hemp.
  • Trick/Trickin’: (1) a male who spends excessive amounts of money on a female to earn her respect or affections. Similar to a “Save”. Tricks usually end up being exploited by gold diggers. This does not apply to a man in a serious relationship with a woman (engaged, married, etc.).
  • Trife: (1) short for “trifling”. (2) to be frivolous or idle.
  • Trip/Trippin’: (1) to become agitated or angry. (2) to act in a highly unpredictable manner.
    (3) a hallucinatory experience induced by a psychedelic drug. Primarily began usage in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but is pretty much used globally.
  • Trout: (1) pussy, see also fish.
  • True Dat: (1) Merely used when you agree with someone.
  • Twerker: (1) a lustful female. (2) a female willing to engage in sexual activities.
  • Twisted: means to get things mixed up for example: “you got me twisted.”


  • UFO’s: (1) anyone not from your neighborhood.



  • Walk the Dog: (1) to take care of business. Also “pounding the pavement”.
  • Wally’s: (1) short for the Clark Wallabee shoe.
  • Wanksta: (1) a wannabe thug, imitation hustler, or pseudo-gangster; (2) somebody who has been doing illegal activities for a long time but does not have any material possessions to show for it. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States originated by Jungle who is Nas’ brother made popular by 50 Cent, is now understood nationally.
  • Wet: (1) to shoot with a firearm or to be shot with a firearm. (2) to be under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug PCP (Angel Dust, “leak”).
  • Whack: (1) something uninteresting or “played out” (see played out).
  • Weight: (1) amount of product.
  • Whale: (1) a heavy shipment.
  • Whip: (1) a motor vehicle, taken from the motion one does while making a sharp turn with one hand across the top of the steering wheel then rapidly turning the wheels straight again. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Wifey: (1) girlfriend. Usually used by men in reference to a woman they are dating primarily, but not necessarily exclusively. If actual marriage occurs this term should no longer be used. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States but is accepted nationally.
  • Wig: (1) a synechdochical reference to the head.
  • Wig-out/Wild Out/Wildin’: (1) to temporarily lose control of oneself or act in a wild and unpredictable manner. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States.
  • Wildflower: (1) pussy
  • Wiz (Wisdom): (1) a man’s wife or fiance’. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States with Five Percenter origins.
  • Word/Word Up/Word Is Bond: (1) to certify that ones statement is authentic or truthful. (2) to agree with a truthful statement. When used as “Word?” (as a question), can be used to request validity or show doubt of a statement. Primarily used in the Northeast (NY, NJ, PA, etc), United States with Five Percenter origins.
  • Whoadie: (1) slang used in New Orleans referring to someone from the 9th Ward.

(2) actually comes from “Wardy” and when pronounced in New Orleans accent sounds like “Waw-Day.” Could refer to anyone living in New Orleans, as all of the city is separated into “wards.”


  • X-Men Beat: (1) of highest quality, or regarded as classic; originated with release of producer JFIllusion’s work entitled Uncanny, sampling the theme music to the early 90’s cartoon show “X-Men: The Animated Series”


  • Yadadaimean/Yadadaimsayin: (1) you know what I mean?/you know what im saying? Primarily used in the West Coast, Bay Area.
  • Yard: (1) a three-year sentence.
  • Yo!– (1) Primarily used as a greeting. (2) to replace as a name.


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