Mike Tyson at Zen Leaf in Prospect Heights on Friday evening, June 24, 2022

World Heavyweight Champion Boxer Mike Tyson Appears for Meet & Greet Autographs at Zen Leaf in Prospect Heights

Heavyweight Championship Boxer Mike Tyson appears to have a good time with a crowd of fans during a Meet & Greet outside Zen Leaf in Prospect Heights. YouTube Tips ⓘ World Heavyweight Championship Boxer Mike […]

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Zen Leaf Cannabis Dispensary on Approval Track for Prospect Heights, Near Aldi, within Arlington Heights Neighborhood Area at Thomas St and Rand Rd

Members of Prospect Heights’ planning and zoning board of appeals (PZBA) on Thursday Thursday June 25, 2020 voted 6-1 to recommend the city council approve a proposed recreational marijuana dispensary near the intersection of Rand […]