Streets of Chicagoland blue sky
Streets of Chicagoland

Las Vegas Mass Shooter Stephen Paddock at Lollapalooza? No-Show Booked Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, Overlooking Main Stage

60 TMZ Reports: Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock booked one room for August 1, 2017, just 2 days before the August 3 start of Lollapalooza, but was a no-show. Paddock also booked a second […]

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Gunshots Now Heard at Kosher Market Where Two Terrorist Believed to Be Holding 6 Hostages

29 Six total explosions reported near Kosher Market in central Paris, France terror siege. Immediately after a commando attack at the Dammartin-en-Goele printing facility, gunfire and explosions were heard in a Kosher Market Deli. Terrorists […]