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The #1 Reason Police Should Turn Off Their Military Grade Secret Police Radio Encryption Switch: The EF-4 Tornado

VIDEO: The EF-4 tornado that struck Ashton, Rochelle and Fairdale as it forms near Ashton, Illinois. The EF-4 tornado last week on April 9, 2015 caused destruction for 29 miles with a path that was […]

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Miami-Dade Police Revert to Analog System After Encrypted Harris Digital Police Radio System Presents Glitches

A public safety radio system by Harris Corporation, similar to the radio system installed in Naperville and Aurora has been put on hold in Miami-Dade, Florida. After glitches, garbled conversations and dead spots were discovered […]

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Twelve Homes Burglarized in 12 Days in Naperville; No Help from Secret Police Radio Dispatches in this City

Naperville police have received reports of 12 residential burglaries in 12 days — a much higher rate than the usual five residential burglaries per month. According to an ABC 7 News report, Naperville police believe […]