Middle Collegiate Church New York City (Imagery ©2020 Google, Imagery ©2020 Bluesky, CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technologies, Sanborn, Map data ©2020)
24/7 Fire Rescue!

Extra Alarm Fire for Apartment Fire; Spreads to Middle Collegiate Church Built in Late 1800s on 2nd Ave Near East 7th St in NYC

388 Fire on East 7th Street that started in vacant building and spread to Middle Collegiate Church (Gothamist). NYC 5 Alarm Fire Manhattan Middle Collegiate Church freelance news video from LOUDLABS NEWS NYC Saturday morning; […]

Block of 1200 Spring Street in Riverside, California Street View (©2020 Google Maps)
24/7 Fire Rescue!

Good Reason to Stay Alert Anytime Work is Being Done Near Your Home; Tree Trimmer’s Truck Fire Catches House on Fire in Riverside, California

253 Riverside, California firefighters arrived to find a tree trimming truck fully-engulfed with fire, and ended up fighting a house fire (LOUDLABS). Firefighters from Riverside City Fire Department responded about 2:08 p.m. Wednesday, October 7, […]