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Philanthropy 50 List Reports Jeff Bezos Donated $2 Billion Dollars — More Than Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates Combined

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2018 gave an estimated $2 billion in the launch of his Bezos Day One Fund, which supports “existing non-profits that help homeless families,” and is creating “a network of new, […]

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Starbucks and Nestle CEOs Kevin Johnson and Mark Schneider On $7.15 Billion Coffee Deal;”Definitive Global Coffee Alliance”

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson and Nestle CEO Mark Schneider discuss the deal between the two companies to market Starbucks’ products around the globe. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson says a deal between Starbucks and Nestle creates […]

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Avatar Robots Are Moving From Science Fiction To Science Fact with Stored Human Motion Replicated by “Real-Haptics”

The seeds of the technology imagined by science fiction movies “Surrogates” and “Avatar” are now being sown, but the concern over jobless rates from robot replacement of human jobs may depend on the type of […]