Robert Sanford, assault and civil disorder suspect at U.S. Capitol January 6, 2021
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Chicago Firefighter Wasn’t at US Capitol Siege: Mistaken Identity on Social Media Precedes Criminal Complaint from United States Attorney’s Office District of Columbia

In his 32 years as a Chicago firefighter, David Quintavalle has put out a few fires, but he could not put out the fire lit by internet sleuths and justice warriors this week. The retired […]

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Male Offender of Aurora Arrested on Federal Civil Disorder Charge For Allegedly Throwing An Explosive Device at a Naperville Police Vehicle at Protest

A male suspect and resident of Aurora was arrested Friday June 26, 2020 on a federal civil disorder charge for allegedly throwing an explosive or incendiary device at a Naperville Police Department vehicle during a […]

Matthew Rupert, civil disorder, rioting and possession of destructive device suspect
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Federal Criminal Complaint Charges Filed Against Galesburg, Illinois Male Offender: Traveling to Minnesota to Riot, Possession Of Explosive Devices

Matthew Lee Rupert was arrested in Chicago Sunday after he traveled to Minneapolis last week with several explosive devices, which, federal agents say, he passed out to other protesters there. Police say he had returned […]