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Mardi Gras Turns into Yardi Gras: Houses in New Orleans Are Transformed into Mardi Gras Floats

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, the ever-creative residents of New Orleans have found a whole new canvas for their artistic expression. Jamie Wax/CBS THIS MORNING reports. YouTube Tips ⓘ The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t killed Mardi […]

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Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady Discusses an Infant Death and Chicago’s Potential Surge in Coronavirus Infections on CBS This Morning

An investigation is underway into what is believed to be the first infant death from the coronavirus in the U.S. The medical history of the baby, who lived in Chicago, was not released. The commissioner […]

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Comey: “The FBI Doesn’t Spy;” Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy Rips Comey’s ‘Tarnishing’ of FBI

1989 Work Van Converted to FBI Spy Van Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy says former FBI Director James Comey didn’t think the American people were smart enough to pick a president in 2016 so he […]

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Ride Along with US Coast Guard’s Blackjack Unit Intercepts Potential Threats in the Washington D.C. Sky

“CBS This Morning,” we spent an afternoon riding with the unit that responds at a moment’s notice to protect the D.C. airspace. Jeff Pegues reports. The airspace above Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area is […]