Heavy smoke at Rolling Meadows condo fire on Algonquin Road "Coach Light Condominiums."
911 Priority Alerts

One Resident, One Firefighter Hurt at Condo/Apartment Building Extra Alarm Fire on Algonquin Rd Rolling Meadows

Resident and firefighter injured in extra alarm apartment fire on Algonquin Road Rolling Meadows Police, firefighters and paramedics from Rolling Meadows responded about 1:37 a.m. Tuesday, December 29, 2020 to an activated fire alarm immediately […]

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Exploded Oxygen Tanks Found in Carriage Way Apartment Building Fire; Smoking May Have Ignited Extra Alarm Rolling Meadows Fire

Fireground operations for fatal apartment fire in freezing temperatures on Carriage Way Drive in Rolling Meadows Wednesday night (2:00 minutes). The major apartment fire on Carriage Way Drive in Rolling Meadows on Wednesday that killed […]