THE CARDINAL — pages fall into two classifications:

(1) a descriptive page (includes powerful resource pages), and
(2) a blog post (news article).

The page you are reading right now is a descriptive page that explains the organization of topics (categories) and the navigation of topics, including blog posts and their descriptive pages. Each section or topic has its own descriptive page (like an introduction) for the category. Some descriptive pages, such as the CONTACT page, are not connected to blog posts of any category. Descriptive pages range from mundane pages (like this one) to helpful pages full of resources. See the list of POWER PAGES and FACEBOOK POWER PAGES for a great supply of information resources.

Topics (Categories) are like sections in a newspaper. Blog posts are like articles in a newspaper. Blog posts for each category can be viewed as listed on an archives page (latest at the top) and can be viewed as a single page. You can go directly to the archives listing for a specific category of posts by using the two-line menu array* just below THE CARDINAL (red title) logo near the top-left of the page.

Blog posts (news articles) can also be listed as the result of a search inquiry.

GO TO to simply enter the text for a category and see a list of articles in a particular category.

For more information about categories, see SITE MAP and SITE MAP (UNABRIDGED). These two pages give a different view of The Cardinal which includes multiple categories and pages in the same page view. The SITE MAP (UNABRIDGED) keeps a live full tally of all pages and all articles in all categories.

THE CARDINAL — is under construction, but here is the CATEGORIES listing — a work in progress.

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24/7 News Flash!
FIREBLOG | Fire Prevention | 9-1-1 | Crash Video | Fire Video | Rescue Video | Water Safety
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* Many computer monitors will not display the entire menu or submenu from the two-line array of menus under the THE CARDINAL (red title) logo. Using a mouse with a scroll wheel permits full use of the two-line menu with submenus. If you don’t have a mouse with a scroll wheel, use the CATEGORIES link at the top of the page or the CATEGORIES & NAVIGATIONAL HELP drop down menu available in the blog post and blog post list archive view.