Websites that gather information about the reputation of online companies usually rate businesses based on customer reviews and technical and administrative data, such has web hosting information, duration the company has been registered online, and the location where the company is hosted.

Judging a company based on more than one company review source can possibly provide information for decision-making regarding engaging with a specific company — as a consumer or as a business-to-business operator. Note: It is probably not advisable to make a decision on a company based on one company review source because a single source might judge a company unfairly.

Following are suggested sources to use as review sources: Alexa is important because the data shows whether a website is popular. If the website ranks very low in popularity or has no historical data, that’s a red flag because you might be engaging with a company that just popped up and has no reputation.

You may also find information with certain types of searches on Google or Reddit. Be creative, use real world search phrases, such as …

“[company name] sucks”

“[product name] sucks”

“[product name] review”

“[company name] scam”

If you receive a phone call with a business offer, be sure to always Google the phone number as part of a process before you make any decisions to engage with a company.

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