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Definition of net
1 a : an open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven together at regular intervals

b : something made of net: such as (1) : a device for catching fish, birds, or insects (2) : a fabric barricade (see 2barricade 1a) which divides a court in half (as in tennis or volleyball) and over which a ball or shuttlecock must be hit to be in play (3) : the fabric that encloses the sides and back of the goal (see goal 3a) in various games (such as soccer or hockey) shot the puck into the net

2 : an entrapping device or situation caught in the net of suspicious circumstances
cannot escape the net of circumstances in which he is caught —W. P. Webb

3 : something resembling a net in reticulation (as of lines, fibers, or figures) the net of global communication
… the systemic net of restrictions … —John Edgar Wideman

4 a : a group of communications stations operating under unified control Army radio net
b : network 4

5 or less commonly Net : internet world news on the Net
— netless play \ˈnet-ləs\ adjective
— netlike play \ˈnet-ˌlīk\ adjective
— netty play \ˈne-tē\ adjective

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Definition of net