News and information about health and medicine information on CARDINAL NEWS is cited and referred to the original source. Favored sources are the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), PubMed, and Merck Manuals, medical journals, and state and county health departments.

Health practices may be mentioned without sources if there is a reference to a common health practice. A disclaimer will be included.

Disclaimer: Selection of topics and production of content on CARDINAL NEWS may be affected by censorship threats by social media and search engines. Controversial topics or topics known to be targeted by social media and search engines may be avoided, or content for an article may be limited if the content is expected to cause censorship or cancellation punishment.

Open discussion of health and medical topics is often hampered by the intent to prevent healthcare misinformation. Health information authorities have tended to favor censorship over open discourse with the stated intent to protect people that are at risk of applying unproven treatments or medical procedures. Some analysts of medical misinformation topics have also accused health authorities of protecting “big business” of “political ideologies” in the health care industry. Even health care authorities have had to “walk back” health care advice (a result of being WRONG) and modify protocols that even flip flop previous instructions.

Readers are advised for the purpose of ethical disclosure that a publisher’s freedom to divulge in research hypotheses or contesting medical information may be affected by the full spectrum of politics or inefficient bureaucracy that may be connected to a topic.

Censors tend to treat publishers as if the publishers are providing specific advice to targeted individuals, when publishers are actually just discussing general information.

Articles about health and medical information are not intended to provide targeted medical advice for specific individuals. However, information may be important as inclusion as part of a larger pool of health and medical information that in best practice could be presented by a patient to a health care provider for discussion.

Applied health and medical information, preventive measures, treatments and procedures should ultimately be based on current reliable sources involving specific decisions between professional health and medical experts combined with personal health management by the patient (where applicable), and these health care provider – medical patient decisions are preferred (but not without exceptions) to bureaucratic or blanket decisions from corporate or government authorities.

All applied health and medical information should ultimately be based on current reliable sources.

Ideal sources for biomedical information include: review articles (especially systematic reviews) published in reputable medical journals; academic and professional books written by experts in the relevant fields and from respected publishers; and guidelines or position statements from national or international expert bodies.

Primary sources or case stories from an individual, while possibly important, may not be effective or advised for general implementation of a health regimen, medical procedure, medical treatment.

Articles on CARDINAL NEWS re-published or archived from health care authorities, world health organizations, country-level health authorities, state health authorities, and county health authorities may or may not include additional in-depth content about a health or medical topic. Additional controversial information may exist, but might not be mentioned in a CARDINAL NEWS article because of risk or fear of censorship or other penalization.

Note that science (and applied medicine) is not something that involves beliefs or faith, but science is a systematic enterprise that questions, tests, and dynamically builds and organizes information in procedures of ongoing contestable cycles of predictions and updated explanations.

Some notices from health care authorities are published in CARDINAL NEWS for archival purposes.

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— Updated Wednesday, September 28, 2021 12:42 p.m. ADDITION IN BOLD: Additional controversial information may exist, but might not be mentioned in a CARDINAL NEWS article because of risk or fear of censorship or other penalization.

— Updated Friday, July 30, 2021 7:50 p.m.

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