Increase in Residential Burglaries in Long Grove and Other Affluent Communities

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Long Grove area (Map data ©2023 Google)
Long Grove area (Map data ©2023 Google).

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office recently alerted residents in Long Grove that an increase in residential burglaries have occurred in the area. Most of the burglaries have occurred when the homeowners were not home. A home burglary or residential burglary is defined as a crime involving an offender unlawfully entering a residence by forcing a door or window open, or by entering through another unsecured entry point with the intent to commit a theft.

Recent burglaries have occurred especially on Friday or Saturday evenings, from 4:30 p.m. to midnight. Police advised that the timing trend does not mean these burglary times will remain consistent.

Homes backing up to the woods, parks, lakes, and golf courses appear to be especially at risk.

The offenders have driven a variety of vehicles — usually newer cars, luxury cars, or vehicles with a clean appearance. Police believe offenders use quality vehicles to attempt to blend in with the typical vehicles in the neighborhood.

The offenders’ vehicles have had out-of-state license plates or Illinois license plates.

Community Help Needed to Report Suspicious Incidents
Law enforcement authorities emphasized that it is important that residents of the Long Grove community contact the Lake County Sheriff’s office if they see or hear something out of the ordinary in neighborhood. If residents become aware of a crime in progress, they should call 911. If you arrive home and find the home has been burglarized, it is safest to call 9-1-1 before you enter the home (or exit the home if you’ve already entered) and have the police search the home to make sure burglars are not still in the home.

Methods to Reduce Risks of Burglaries or Reduce Losses from Burglaries

Install a residential alarm system.

Install exterior cameras with motion detectors. Interior cameras can be aimed out a window and will operate at night if you turn off the infrared night vision option and you install a blackout visor behind the camera. The blackout visor can be a Do It Yourself project made of black fabric or plastic to block out lights and light objects that might reflect light into the camera from the glass window. Keep in mind that cameras may or may not deter criminals. Consider situations where you would want a hidden security camera or a prominent camera that shows the property is protected. Interior cameras may not work as well as exterior cameras, if they are aimed outside through a window. Also, interior cameras are helpful when they are aimed inside. There are incidents when people have been vacationing out-of-state, but are able to tell emergency dispatchers where burglars are located in the house while police are responding to a burglary call. Be prepared to provide details to emergency 9-1-1 dispatchers.

Install driveway alarms*

Turn on exterior lights and/or use motion-activated lights.

Lock homes.

Lock vehicles, even when they are in the garage.

Do not leave your Key Fob (Remote Keyless Entry) in your vehicle — even if it is parked in the garage

Lock interior doors from the garage to the house.

If you park vehicles outside, use portable garage door openers and remove those portable garage door openers from vehicles when vehicles are parked outside and left unattended. Avoid using the built-in a garage door opener that can be programmed with buttons that are factory-installed in the vehicle. A burglar can break in to your vehicle overnight and use the built-in remote to easily open your garage door while you’re sleeping.

Ask local police or the sheriff’s office to conduct a “house watch” when you’re going out of town.

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