Healthy Foods That Could Be Just Right for Your Diet

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Cooked chicken meat
Cooked chicken by Devon Breen from Pixabay

The foods that people eat affect their entire body, whether it’s in small or significant ways. Choosing what you eat is important for healthy living and ensuring you have the strength and energy to carry you through the day. Know the healthy foods you should add to your diet to add to a lifestyle that may help you prevent medical problems down the road.

For best practices in nutrition, see a physician and nutritionist and get a complete blood test to make sure you are not deficient in vitamins or minerals, or that you don’t have an excess minerals. Recommendations below might not apply if you have hypercalcemia (high blood calcium), a thyroid condition, diverticulosis, or kidney disease for example.

Get Adequate Protein

Every cell in the human body contains proteins; they are essentially the building blocks of our bodies. Consuming protein aids in cell restoration, speeds up the healing process, maintains immune system components and helps you recover faster from illnesses. Luckily, there are many sources of protein you can fit easily into your existing diet. Some foods with good protein sources include:

• Nuts and seeds
• Poultry
• Lean meat
• Fish
• Eggs

Chicken tenders are very easy to cook with olive oil in a skillet.

Besides protein, these foods also provide you with other essential nutrients, such as iodine, iron, and zinc.

Add More Calcium

Calcium is a vital component of the bones in our bodies, making it critical to maintaining the strength of our skeletal structures. Calcium also plays a role in optimal functioning of the nervous system, and facilitates optimal contractions and relaxation of muscles. Calcium gives our bodies the structural support we need to go about our daily lives, helping to prevent bone fractures and maintain optimal muscle contractions during daily activities and physical fitness activities. Sources of calcium are:

• Milk
• Yogurt
• Cheese
• Dried peas
• Beans

Seaweed might not be for everyone, but if you feel like deviating from the standard dietary options, there are many health benefits to seaweed. Aside from being a strong source of calcium, seaweed is an excellent source of iodine, which help thyroid function. Seaweed may also reduce blood pressure and reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

Don’t Forget Fiber

Fiber facilitates the processes of the digestive system and ensures everything flows efficiently. This keeps the cells of the colon healthy and strong and prevents any issues with the digestive tract. Some foods to try are:

• Skin-on baked potatoes
• Nuts
• Bran cereal
• Beans
• Brown rice

However, you should be aware that too much fiber can be detrimental, resulting in excess bloating, among other side effects. Discuss fiber diet with your doctor if you suffer from diverticulosis or diverticulitis or other conditions of the digestive system.

Balance Your Diet

When implementing healthy foods into your diet, find the right balance between all of them. Putting too much food on your plate, whether they’re healthy or otherwise, can lead to overeating. Know how much your body needs of each nutrient to avoid hurting yourself when your goal is to keep healthy and safe



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