Improving Daily Life with Small Tech Products: Wi-Fi Extenders, Portable Phone Chargers, RFID, Touchscreen Gloves

RFID access control (PHOTO CREDIT: Susanne Plank on pixabay)
RFID access control (PHOTO CREDIT: Susanne Plank on pixabay).

Technology is a part of our everyday life. Many of these devices are not only easy to use, but they also make it easier for you to perform daily tasks. Below is a list of small tech products that have improved our lives. It is as easy as pushing a button or tapping a screen!

Wi-Fi Extenders

With so many people working from home or doing online learning, many of them are experiencing the struggle of weak Wi-Fi signals. While Wi-Fi is a great technological advancement that lets you use the internet from the comfort of anywhere in your home or even a large apartment, some areas might not have the best connection because they are out of range. If this is the case, Wi-Extenders can help Wi-Fi reach distant corners of a house. Before spending money for a Wi-Fi extender, you might try moving your cable modem/wi-fi router to central location or central floor. However, certain family members with a bedroom in a remote corner of the house might complain about having poorer connections than other family members. Nest cameras also require a strong signal to function effectively and reliably. If re-positioning the main cable modem/Wi-Fi router doesn’t work, then you might have to consider a Wi-Fi extender or several Wi-Fi extenders to provide a reliable and fast connection in areas where the connection if poor.

Portable Phone Charger

We rely so much on our cell phones throughout the day that the battery on them can’t always keep up. Although its hard to accept that after all these years using cell phone, we don’t have a cell phone battery that works more than one day, unless you barely use your phone. If you are constantly on the go, and it is a hassle to find an outlet or make time to let your phone charge, a portable phone charger which uses an external battery, might be a good choice. The portable phone charger allows your phone to charge no matter where you are. Charging in a vehicle requires you to disconnect when you get out of your vehicle, which can result in shorter, repeated charge cycles. These shorter charge cycles can shorten the long-term life of you cell phone’s internal battery.


RFID Gadgets and Gear

With the world of technology that we live in, precautions must be set to ensure safety. There are a multitude of RFID gadgets out there that do just that. So what exactly is RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and how do RFID gadgets improve our lives and safety? RFID technology is used in some credit cards, in personnel identification badges, and in gate and door access and personnel movement surveillance. There are skimmers or criminal individuals using RFID radio waves to identify people or objects and gather their information for potential criminal activities. An RFID wallet can protect criminals from accessing the information on your RFID cards stored in your wallet RFID or RFID Blocking Badge Holder – true lifesavers!

Touchscreen Gloves

Depending on where you live, gloves might be a necessary accessory when going outside. When temperatures drop into the 30s and lower, it frustrating when you are wearing gloves and can’t use the touch the screen on your phone. Touchscreen gloves have a unique nanotechnology material on the fingertips or silver element distributed in the entire glove to provide touch capability with touch screens while wearing gloves. For hands to be conductive, moisture and salts must be present on the surface of the skin or the glove must be made of a conductive material. According to Agloves (Ag, the symbol for Silver), there is a problem with most touchscreen gloves that are retrofitted with conductive patches on tips of fingertips only. Fingertips tend to be dry and thus less conductive, which hampers the nanotechnology material used in touchscreen gloves. Agloves claims the palm of the hand is more moist and therefore has a greater conductivity. Agloves tap into this electrical hub — a conductive network from the palm. Agloves pull bioelectricity from the palm and deliver (conduct) that energy to your fingertips. Agloves claims their gloves provide superior conductivity and pinpoint accuracy and precision.

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RFID access control (PHOTO CREDIT: Susanne Plank on pixabay)
RFID access control (PHOTO CREDIT: Susanne Plank on pixabay).

Access control with RFID card image by Susanne Plank from Pixabay

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