Tony Bobulinski Presser Claiming Joe Biden Knew About Son Hunter Biden’s Business Deals with China

During a press conference, Tony Bobulinski brought three phones that only he possessed that he claims contain evidence from 2015 to 2018 that shows business dealings between China, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Jim Biden.

Tony Bobulinski said in a press conference Thursday night October 22, 2020 that he wished to set the record straight regarding the Biden family (Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Jim Biden) in dealings with the Chinese.

Tony Bobulinski said it is false that Vice President Joe Biden has said that he never discussed Chinese business dealings with Hunter Biden.

Tony Bobulinski said he has cell phones with emails, agreements, and Whatsapp chats that contain evidence that span the years 2015 to 2018. Tony Bobulinski then outlined the following evidence that he said exists on the three cellphones, which he displayed in the press conference.

Tony Bobulinski claimed that the Bidens wanted to form an entity that would work with CEFC China Energy which would invest in infrastructure, technology and real estate to build billions of dollars in capital.

Tony Bobulinski said he was told he would be CEO of a new company named Sino Hawk.

Tony Bobulinski was introduced to Vice President Joe Biden in a one hour meeting about the business proposal.

Tony Bobulinski said he was instructed not to mention Joe Biden’s name in writing, but only in face-to-face meetings. He was told that the Bidens were paranoid about making sure Joe Biden’s name was to be kept secret regarding any involvement in the business dealings.

Tony Bobulinski said Hunter Biden switched gears and said CEFC was going to be a partner with the Biden family and not Sino Hawk.

Ultimately funds from CEFC were never sent to Sino Hawk, but were sent to entities related to Hunter Biden.

Tony Bobulinski said he is meeting with Sen. Ron Johnson and Senate committee members on the matter on Friday October 23, 2020, and is turning over the three phones to the FBI.



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