The Pros and Cons of Bluetooth In Your Vehicle; Assistance vs Distraction


Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, but you can attempt to reduce risks by accessing your phone safely with hands free methods. Some critics of distracted driving point out that any type of phone conversation while driving involves distraction — especially emotional calls. Therefore it’s important to eliminate calls that take your attention away from the road. However, some tasks involving technology assist driving instead of causing distracted driving. Technology-assisted driving might increase safety. There’s a good chance that Bluetooth is a part of that technology in your vehicle.

Distractions are a common cause of many car accidents since not a single driver can truly multi-task. Using another device while driving is not only dangerous, but will eventually result in a ticket. However, you might be on the road for a long period of time for a trip or for your job, and find a way to use an electronic device legally. Assistive technology might actually increase your attention to driving. A possible solution to using technology while driving this is the use of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth technology has been around awhile, but it’s becoming more popular and beneficial in our everyday lives. Bluetooth technology was invented in 1989, but the first consumer Bluetooth device — a hands-free mobile headset — was launched in 1999.

Here are the top reasons Bluetooth can benefit drivers …

For Hands-Free Communication

The biggest culprit of distracted driving is being on your phone, but Bluetooth technology might help. Just beware of some local laws that prohibit any type of phone use in certain areas. With Bluetooth in your vehicle, you can use the speech-to-text feature that is available on every smartphone, but this really not a good idea because it’s just not perfect. Speech-to-text can become even more distracting if the phone misinterprets your speech, and you get frustrated because you have to correct the errant message … you have just taken your attention off the road. If you need to talk on the phone, Bluetooth can help you with that as well by providing quality audio through your vehicle’s speakers. Probably the single best argument supporting Bluetooth with a phone is using your vehicle speakers to avoid straining to hear a voice on a phone speaker with tire noise in the background. If you’re straining to hear someone, you’re taking your attention off of the road.

Better Navigation

When you are going on a long haul, it’s important that you avoid getting lost. Today, maps are a thing of the past, with GPS technology making navigation easier than ever before. Bluetooth can improve navigation, since it not only allows drivers to hear directions better, but also facilitates speaking to the GPS device when necessary as well.


A lot of hours can be spent on the road on a long trip and it’s helpful if you find a way to occupy yourself while you’re disciplined to keep your attention on the road (bad example: a teen driver singing with a group of teens in the back seat). You can use Bluetooth in your vehicle to enjoy entertainment for the trip. You can safely put on music, turn on an audiobook, or podcast while you are driving with Bluetooth technology. Just be sure to practice and learn your technology, so you’re not learning it while your driving.

Specific road situations, age, ability and the number of passengers and age of passengers are important in any conversation about distracted driving and technology in a vehicle. There are no set rules that can apply to all factors in a short article. Be sure to check your state’s Rules of the Road guide and know the motor vehicle electronic device local laws for all the communities you travel.

How to Install Bluetooth

Not every vehicle has Bluetooth installed, so how do you get it? Some options to get Bluetooth installed in your vehicle includes the following:

Install an aftermarket vehicle speaker with Bluetooth.

Add a Bluetooth adapter to an existing speaker. This type of adapter will typically connect to your vehicle through the cigarette lighter or the aux port.

Get a universal Bluetooth kit that comes with its own speaker.



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