Statue of Christopher Columbus Taken Down in Grant Park by Chicago Officials Early Friday Morning

After protests, demonstrations and violent clashes with police, Chicago’s Christopher Columbus statues have been removed from Grant Park and Arrigo Park.

The statue of Christopher Columbus was taken down overnight about 4:30 a.m. Friday July 24, 2020 by Chicago officials one week after an offensive move by rioters hiding under black umbrellas and hurling dangerous objects at police. The action “in the interest of public safety” is apparently a temporary preventive move to prevent further clashes among police and rioters, suspected to include Antifa offenders. Initially the safe storage location of the statue is unknown. A Christopher Columbus was also taken down by officials at Arrigo Park.

The Christopher Columbus statue, located at the south end of Chicago’s Grant Park, just before President Donald Trump assigned federal law enforcement agents to assist local law enforcement. Chicago parks officials and construction workers started arriving about 3:25 a.m. Friday.

Work crews used a large crane, and pry bars to remove the statue from its pedestal as a small crowd gathered to watch, and media captured the action.

Other public statues may also be taken to safe areas as a safety precaution to prevent confrontations with the optics of clashing with rioters over a statue.

On the eve of the statue takedown, hundreds of protesters gathered near Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s home in the Logan Square neighborhood. The protesters are demanding the Chicago Police Department be defunded, and justice for 18-year-old activist Miracle Boyd, who they claim was punched by a Chicago police officer last week as demonstrators and cops clashed near the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park. From analysis of a video of the incident from across the street it is difficult to determine whether the incident involved an open-hand swipe or an actual punch. Miracle Boyd claimed some front teeth were knocked out.

Christopher Columbus statues removed in Grant Park and Little Italy.



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