A Guide to Improving Your Home Internet Connection

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Nobody likes a slow Internet. If your connection is sluggish, check out our guide to improving home Internet connections.

Whether you’re running a business from home, playing video games, or merely surfing the web, nothing frustrates us more than an unreliable internet connection. Thankfully, your Internet connection doesn’t have to stay slow. Sometimes simple actions can improve your connection.

Check your router placement

Many people don’t realize that simply moving their router to a different place can significantly improve their connection. Ideally, you’ll have your router in an open area that’s relatively close to your devices. We know some of you don’t want to see the router, but everything from walls to furniture can affect your connection’s quality. So, you should reduce the number of barriers between your devices and your router. If your router is in the basement, you might need to bring it upstairs. Devices such as Google Nest cameras often need to be fairly close to the router for uninterrupted connections that continuously upstream security video. You may need to consider Wi-Fi repeaters — also known as signal boosters or range extenders.


Connect directly into your router

People regularly debate wireless versus wired networks, and most people are disappointed to hear that a wired network is the best. However, like you, we’re used to the convenience of Wi-Fi because it’s a luxury being able to walk around your home and surf the web on mobile devices. On the other hand, many of us still use desktops or laptops, especially when running a business or playing video games. So, if you want to combine the luxury of Wi-Fi with the reliability of wired, connect your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable.

Password protect your Wi-Fi network

Since most of you will continue having a wireless network, you should ensure that your network is password protected for two reasons. First, people are likely mooching off your network, thus slowing down your connection. Additionally, a network that’s not secured is a hacker’s best friend. That hacker could introduce malware that could infect you computer and/or your router, which could slow down you Internet connection and use up bandwidth.

While this guide to improving your home internet connection will help, sometimes all you need to do is give your router a break, and shut it off and reboot it. Think about it—when’s the last time your router was shut off? Probably a long time or never. Make sure you have an up-to-date router from your Internet service provider and don’t ignore messages from your Internet service provider to reboot your cable modem.



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