Ring Camera Captures Home Invaders Approach House and Homeowner Defending Himself Against One Offender on Evergreen Ave, Arlington Heights


About 1:55 p.m. Saturday, April 4, 2020, a Ring camera captured images of two male/white offenders walking up a driveway, apparently toward the house on the intended victim’s driveway. One of the offenders knocked on the front door of the home. Then both offenders entered the front doorway.

RING CAMERA CAPTURED VIDEO | Home Invasion 1:55 PM Saturday 4/4/2020 (VIEWER DISCRETION)

The sound of a leaf blower with landscapers obscures the sound, but somebody is heard saying “Hey bro.” But then things change, and somebody says, “Get the F out of here.”

Next, one of the offenders is overpowered, apparently by the homeowner. The homeowner pushes the offender down the sidewalk between the driveway and the front porch, overpowering him toward the driveway. In the video segment, the other offender doesn’t make it out of the house.

The homeowner pummels the offender on the front sidewalk near the driveway, while yelling ‘help’ to the landscapers across the street. The landscapers look, but do not respond; and the offender runs toward the street. He stumbles on the curb and falls into the middle of the street. Although the video doesn’t show it, he apparently gets up and flees.

The homeowner then runs back into the house.

Police and firefighter/paramedics from Arlington Heights responded about 2:00 p.m Saturday, April 4, 2020 to a report that an armed male offender entered a home in the block of 2400 North Evergreen Avenue.

The homeowner in the video was later seen with an injured arm near EMS staging about a block south of his house.

Police have not detailed what happened, but NIPAS SWAT responded when the location of the other offender was not known.

Armored Bearcat trucks and command vehicles arrived just after 3:00 p.m. and Arlington Heights Road was blocked near the scene.

Just before 5:00 p.m. the scene was secured, and the house was closed off as a crime scene. Police did not provide a short synopsis of facts, instead waiting until a preliminary investigation is completed.

Neighbors reported learning that one offender was dead inside the house, and the other fled the scene. Judging from the video, at least one offender did flee. The police did not investigate the spot where the offender fell in the street, so presumably he did not remain there.

Offenders walking up driveway (SOURCE: Ring.com)
Offenders walking up driveway (SOURCE: Ring.com).
Offenders approaching door (SOURCE: Ring.com)
Offenders approaching door (SOURCE: Ring.com).
Waiting at door (SOURCE: Ring.com)
Waiting at door (SOURCE: Ring.com).



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Glove on Ring camera while waiting at door (SOURCE: Ring.com)
Glove on Ring camera while waiting at door (SOURCE: Ring.com).
Homeowner overpowers one offender (SOURCE: Ring.com)
Homeowner overpowers one offender (SOURCE: Ring.com).
Offender falls in the street after tripping on curb while running away
Offender falls in the street after tripping on curb while running away (SOURCE: Ring.com).
Offender falls in street on Evergreen Avenue, Arlington Heights (SOURCE: Ring.com)
Offender falls in street on Evergreen Avenue, Arlington Heights (SOURCE: Ring.com)


CARDINAL NEWS | Police Activity: Report that an Armed Offender Entered House on Evergreen Ave Near Waverly Rd, Arlington Heights

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