If You Could Build Your Own: The Parts You Need to Build an iPhone


Scotty Allen built a like-new (but really refurbished) iPhone 6S 16GB entirely from parts he bought in the public cell phone parts markets of Huaqiangbei in China.

With DIY culture gaining popularity, more people are expanding their knowledge, from home renovations to technological improvements, all on their own.

The rise of smartphones created a rise of DIY phone repair. More consumers want to take control of their devices and what goes into them. Battery replacements, changing out broken screens, and using a different case all require knowledge of the different parts and accessories to smartphones. If you want to fix your phone or make one from scratch (easier said than done), it’s important to know the parts you need to build an iPhone.

Logic Board

This is the mainframe of the computer. Housed in the logic board are the CPU, RAM, flash storage, and main sensors and circuitry within the main circuit board. This piece is the most expensive and fragile part of the smartphone. Depending on the model of iPhone, the logic board is attached to the touch id button. These must be bought together for touch id to work. There are different radios that allow voice and data communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular (telephony), Cellular (data), and GPS.

Touch Screen

The touch screen is the main screen. Typically, this comes with the LCD, backlight, and touch sensors in one assembly. Smartphone screens are made from gorilla glass, a chemically strengthened tempered glass product. It’s lightweight, thin, and partially damage resistant compared to normal glass. There is also a protective metal shield that attaches to the back of the screen to protect the LCD and backlight.


The piece that powers the smartphone. Be cautious when buying iPhone batteries, as their quality can differ.


The case is the metal shell protecting the inner pieces. It comes in multiple colors and designs. It’s important to know which accessories needed to complete the case go together. These include button covers, sim card tray, rear camera lens cover, flash cover, and the two vents that go in the bottom of the phone.

Front and Rear Camera

The front and rear cameras are the main phone cameras. The front camera is attached through cable assemblies installed on the top of the screen. This cable assembly holds the front-facing camera, earphone speaker, and light sensor.


The earpiece speaker is attached in the screen. It allows you to speak through the phone, so don’t forget about it.

Top and Bottom Flex Cable Assemblies

The top flex cable assembly is installed in the back of the case. It holds for the lock, volume control, silent switch, flash, and microphone. The bottom flex cable assembly is also installed in the back of the case. It holds the lightning dock, microphones, and connections to the taptic engine and main speaker.

Taptic Engine

This makes the phone vibrate and simulates the clicking of the home button. The piece is almost as wide as the width of the phone.

Other Parts

Naturally, you’ll need brackets, screws, and adhesives to assemble the iPhone. Little sheet metal and plastic brackets hold the pieces in place while electronically connecting all parts. Additionally, there are many screws that you must place in their correct locations; otherwise, you risk damaging the logic board. You’ll also need battery strips to secure the battery and a screen gasket to seal the screen. These prevent inner damage with slight water resistance and keep the battery in place.

See the rest of Scotty Allen’s story on Strangeparts.com How I Made My Own iPhone – in China!


CARDINAL NEWS | Amazing: Scotty Allen Says He Made an iPhone from Parts from Various Parts Markets in Huaqiangbei, China



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