Changes in Gaming: The Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

Gaming technology is evolving every year, but many gamers don’t have the means to keep up. Google’s Stadia game streaming service should fix this issue.

Since the invention of arcade games, the art of gaming has been a popular form of entertainment. And interest is only increasing as the technology to support our games becomes more advanced. Throughout the years, arcade games have evolved—from consoles to handheld devices, gaming systems change to become more accommodating for the players. Today, we’re experiencing a new level of gaming that completely changes the way gamers purchase and play games: the Google Stadia game streaming service.

What It Is Google Stadia?

Google claims the Stadia will function as a streaming service, similar to Netflix, but will be used to stream video games rather than movies and television shows. Stadia itself is a website that, via an internet connection, can put you in touch with various games while making it so you can stream your gameplay to any internet-capable system. The service also comes with a controller that you can wirelessly connect to the device of your choice so that you can play the games without fear of lag.

How Google Stadia Works

Using a fast and stable internet connection and the most recent version of Google Chrome, Stadia can pull up all your favorite games as effortlessly as opening a new tab in your internet browser. After opening this new tab and going to Stadia’s official website, Google will proceed to run a connection test for your internet. If your Wi-Fi can handle it, you’ll then be able to choose from a plethora of games.

Users can connect any internet-accessible device to Google’s cloud server, and the cloud will then rapidly exchange the information as you play the game. Each input on the Stadia controller proceeds through Google’s servers, which the game then processes, and then streams right back to you on the screen.

Recent Google Stadia News

Google first revealed Stadia at the Game Developer’s Conference earlier this year, but not much was known about the developing tech until recently. Just a weeks ago at Google I/O, Google finally let the Stadia controller out of its case and let people have on-hand interactions with it.

Those who have tried the service say that the controller feels comfortable and similar to the beloved classic Xbox controller. The game they were playing, while graphic and processor heavy, didn’t seem slowed down or to even suffer from the occasional lag. This came as a happy surprise considering they were playing it from a Chromebook browser.

Details such as the price and release date are not yet public knowledge. However, we can expect another product development update sometime in June—Google’s current timeline suggests that the service will be up and running within the year.



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