73 Questions With Roger Federer at Wimbledon with The Championships Underway

How about a round of 73 Questions for Roger Federer? With the accomplishment of 8 championships, Roger takes Joe Sabia on a tour of the All England Club.

While talking about being a ball boy, the perfect serve, and what it’s actually like playing at Centre Court during Wimbledon, Roger talks about what is important to him in life, as well as tennis. The Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer has accomplished just about everything an athlete can in his illustrious career with 20 Gram Slam wins, eight Wimbledon victories, five consecutive US Open titles…what else is there to achieve? Federer is going for his ninth championship title.

Federer’s most memorable win was 2003 because it was his first Wimbledon win — signifying he made it.

When asked whether it’s true that he eats ice cream before a match, he laughed and predictably answered no. Vogue’s Joe Sabia also asked Federer to explain his Fire & Ice Strategy. Federer explained that you need Fire in the belly for general motivation to do your absolute best, and Ice in the veins keep you calm, composed and focused in the important moments. That make sense, and explains refraining from ice cream before a math. Besides the fat in ice cream slowing your digestive energy absorption, being content with the cold treat of ice cream wouldn’t help the Fire & Ice strategy.



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