A Few Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence: Is It Helping or Hurting Us?


While artificial intelligence (AI) has certainly done some good, there’s still a common belief that this technology has a dark side. Learn a few pros and cons of AI.

A Few Pros and Cons of AI: Is It Helping or Hurting Us?

The development of artificial intelligence was a key moment in our modern technological advancement. However, many argue that AI has the potential to perform more harm than good, resulting in a standoff over whether or not it should be implemented into more areas of our lives. Many individuals bring up these pros and cons of AI in debates, making onlookers wonder whether the technology is more harmful or helpful.


Improves efficiency

The use of AI in scientific or business positions often leads to increased efficiency when it comes to gathering necessary data. Since AI is faster and can work continuously on a project, this resource has been a valuable asset in gathering the information human researchers need to make decisions. AI, with its ability to learn and understand what does and does not constitute appropriate data, is also able to make basic decisions unclouded by human emotions.

Erases the possibility of human error

Whether it’s a momentary lapse in judgment or an honest mistake, humans are often prone to error. On the other hand, programmers design AI technology to perform certain tasks without getting tired or having lapses in judgment. Based on a set of algorithms, AI learns the ins and outs of the specific job assigned to it and implements the actions in the exact way programmers taught it.

Promotes the ease of smart technology

By pairing AI technology with many of our household appliances, we have created a means to finish our daily chores in a more efficient manner. For example, utilizing Alexa via an Amazon Echo by telling it that you’re out of milk will trigger a set series of algorithms; it will automatically order the product online without you needing to lift a finger.


Increase in job losses

With the increased usage of AI, several job markets are finding the resource to be an alternative to human workers. This is often the most common argument against the continual use of AI because it is leaving many individuals out of work. While many expected fields, such as healthcare, benefit from the technology, laboratory positions such as manufacturing and transportation operators are seeing a significant decrease in available jobs.

AI technology is expensive

Incorporating AI technology into your business practices isn’t cheap, and many businesses often need to hire trained professionals to effectively keep the system working properly. Between hiring the necessary personnel and trying to pay for the technology itself, the investment isn’t one that just any company can make.

Development of an AI dependency

With the incorporation of AI into many of our everyday tasks, many find it easy to develop a dependency on this technology. Humans working aside machines, while resulting in many advancements that we couldn’t have accomplished ourselves, has also conditioned us to rely on the machines to perform basic tasks. As we outsource these tasks we slowly begin to forget how to do them, leading to an overall decline in the average person’s thinking and mental abilities.



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