Potential Dangers of 5G Technology You Should be Aware of for Your Health


Faster transmission times in wireless technology could lead to serious health concerns. Know the risks by learning the dangers of 5G technology.

Potential Dangers of 5G Technology You Should be Aware of for Your Health

There may be reason for concern following the new development of 5G technology.

5G refers to the fifth generation of wireless technology that promises faster download and upload speeds on your smartphone or other mobile device.

This technology divides data into smaller pieces which results in low-latency and high-efficiency data transfer. In other words, transmission times will be faster.

However, this increase in speed is practically imperceptible to the human eye. Compared to 4G, 5G will transfer data just 49 milliseconds faster. While this increase in efficiency won’t be very noticeable to humans, it helps machines communicate in an almost seamless manner.

But the benefits of this technology may come at a cost to your health. According to Dr. Martin L. Pall, the Professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, the dangers of 5G include:

• Neurodegenerative diseases caused by apoptosis and cell death

• Premature aging from oxidative stress and free radical damage

• Cancer as a result of single and double strand breaks in cellular DNA

• Lowered fertility and reproductive harm

• Neurological and neuropsychiatric effects such as insomnia, depression, and headaches

Such dangers are increased due to the amount of cell towers needed to power the 5G frequencies. Unlike 4G technology, 5G has shorter millimeter waves that cannot travel as far or pass through objects. These limitations mean that more cell towers will be needed, ultimately increasing the amount of exposure people have to the frequencies.

These towers are also more dangerous than other cell towers because they emit ultra-high frequency. While 4G towers release one to five gigahertz frequency, 5G emits between 24 and 90 gigahertz. This is an issue because towers that produce higher frequencies have the potential to cause more damage to people and animals in the surrounding area.

While this new technology brings the potential for faster transmission times, it is important to be aware of the dangers of 5G.

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