Male Issued No Trespassing Order at Prospect High School Documented His Own Trespassing, Posted Shooting-Related Comments on YouTube

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A male, who was issued a no trespassing notice by the Mount Prospect Police Department on Friday March 1, 2019, lives only two blocks west of Prospect High School south of Kensington Road on Donald Avenue in Arlington Heights. The male is believed to be 14 or 15 years-old and has been identified through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

UPDATE: According to tips received to Cardinal News, unspecified threats and/or suspicious activity from the subject of this article was also reported connected to AHYBA (Arlington Heights Youth Basketball Association of Arlington Heights). No specific threat details or details about suspicious activity have been confirmed or proactively alerted by any officials (ie. Arlington Heights Police Department, Mount Prospect Police Department, District 214, District 25, or AHYBA).

One video posted by the teen from a camera placed on a tripod, shows the male/Asian teen in the halls of Prospect High School while a girls volleyball team is practicing in the gym in the background. Later in the video, he runs into the gym, yells something, and runs back into the hallway.

It does not appear that any security or hallway supervisors were aware of the trespasser as the male teen is shown in the video — while speaking to the camera for his followers and narrating what he is doing for several minutes in a Prospect High School hallway.

The male trespasser posted four videos on Friday March 1, 2019 –Video Number #1 while trespassing in Prospect High School; Video #2 apparently immediately after he was given the no trespassing order; Video # 3, which is a 22-minute analysis of a video he posted on December 31, 2018; and Video #4, which is a video that includes a statement about how easy it is to shoot a gun.

“Small kid, big kid, as long as they have a gun … you need to get yourself a gun.”

— Male Teen Trespasser Video #4 posted March 1, 2019

Video #2 was apparently posted immediately after he was issued the no trespassing notice. He said “something bad just happened” and that he “can’t say it on YouTube.” In the video he tells followers of his YouTube channel that he probably won’t be doing “crazy stuff” at schools anymore. He also said he had some other video that he can’t put on YouTube. He talks about a link to information in the description field of YouTube, but there was nothing there Saturday afternoon. He specifically says “no more videos will be published from high schools or middle schools”, but maybe from stores, such as Walmart. He says he will do more “crazy stuff” in the future.

The “crazy stuff” as he puts it, appears to involve trespassing with random acts of minor disorderly conduct. However, in Video #4 he mentioned using a gun, saying it doesn’t take much effort to pull the trigger of a gun, and that a person can even use a tongue to pull the trigger of a gun. The narrative does not involve a specific threat to a school or any people. In another video from December 31, 2018, there is a quick image of a vehicle windshield and speedometer with three bullet holes in the windshield.

It is not known whether there were any direct threats to the high school or middle schools in any recent videos from around March 1, 2019 — specifically considering whether the video he refers to when he says he can’t talk about it on YouTube (that he apparently has not uploaded to YouTube). There were no weapons seen in any of the videos viewed by Cardinal News.

The video from December 31, 2018 with the bullet holes shows super-imposed images with anime girls dancing to music, and a brief image of the male teen’s face. There are scenes around town mixed in with the superimposed images of anime characters dancing to music, and there appears to be a blurred image of the girls volleyball team or some other activity happening in the gym at Prospect High School. The video shows an image of a quick flash of three bullet holes in the windshield at 0:11 seconds into the video that lasts 2:02. There are also some brief images of a high school building — possibly exterior images of Prospect High School. This anime/local scenes/bullet holes video was published on the user’s channel on December 31, 2018.

Several tips have reported there were threats that started with this student when he was in elementary school. One witness said the teen was kicked out of Dryden and Windsor elementary schools in District 25. Allegedly he wrote in his journal that he was going to come to Windsor school on his birthday and shoot all the autistic kids. A source alleged that the student was kicked out of South Middle School after he made a video saying he was going to shoot up South Middle School. No officials from any of the school districts or the police departments have confirmed these allegations or alerted the school families about these serious allegations dating back to the student’s time in middle school and elementary school in District 25.

According to an unconfirmed report, at least one female student in his same grade allegedly had a restraining order placed against the District 25 student. The teen apparently was never allowed to enroll in any District 214 high school level facility.

Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights police responded Friday, March 1, 2019 to a report that a non-District 214 student was on the Prospect High School property unauthorized. He was issued a no trespassing notice by the Mount Prospect Police Department, and is no longer permitted on District 214 property.

The Prospect High School administration and Mount Prospect police received several reports from students and parents, who witnessed the subject’s suspicious behavior both online and on campus. Initially there was no confirmation that any threat was indicated by the trespassing subject. The normal procedure is for police to issue a no trespassing notice for any type of incident involving a person that is reported unwanted on a private, public, or semi-public property or space.

Police activity involving the Arlington Heights Police Department and Mount Prospect Police Department regarding the trespassing incident possibly occurred about 12:20 p.m. Friday March 1, 2019 and continued for about an hour Friday afternoon, but this and other details about the incident have not been confirmed by police. Currently it is unknown whether police have any information about weapons or whether they have ruled out the possession of any weapons.


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