A Few Positive Impacts of Social Media on Society — A Silver Lining to the Clouds of Social Media


Facebook is not for everyone, and many people have published stories about quitting the social media platform and enjoying their life without Facebook. Others have told their account of returning to the platform — after missing being connected on Facebook. It’s easy to get cynical about social media when we’re surrounded by its negative factors, such as privacy issues, unjust censorship, inane content, online arguing, and fake news. Despite all the negatives, here are some takes on the positive impacts of social media on society.

A Few Positive Impacts of Social Media on Society

We often hear news about the downside of social media and how it’s negatively impacting the human race. But we’re taking a look at the other side of things. If used correctly with a little effort, a little discipline, and a little savvy; social media can affect our lives in many positive ways. Below, we discuss the positive impacts of social media on society.

Increased Connectivity
With one click, you’re able to connect with individuals all over the world. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date and keep in touch with both like-minded and diverse groups of people. It’s also an easy way to communicate with the rest of society—from individual people to politicians to local government to fortune 500 companies and more.

Expanded Business Opportunities
Today, it’s crucial for a company to have an online presence. Not only does it affect how a business operates and grows, but it also allows for a direct line of communication with consumers. Social media has become the ultimate advertising tool for businesses across the globe.

Educational Aid
It’s never been easier to find information about math, sports, trivia, and so on. Whatever the topic may be, there’s someone out there who is well-versed in it and is sharing their knowledge and opinions with the rest of the world. On YouTube, you can learn how to fix a faucet, change a burnt out turn signal bulb, solving problems in physics and calculus, and much more. Yes, YouTube is social media, and ranks second to Facebook in number of users — leading WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

Building Relationships
It’s no secret that social media can be the culprit behind a broken relationship, but this doesn’t prevent people from continuing to look for love and friendship online. Social networks allow people to cultivate long-lasting, personal relationships with people who share similar morals and goals all over the world.

Promoting Empathy
It’s natural to want to share our experiences and opinions with those around us. Social media platforms offer an opportunity to empathize with people all over the world, and allow us to work on becoming more understanding individuals.

Encouraging Creativity
Social media relies on active participation from its users. If no one is sharing content, then there’s no reason to use social networking sites. Due to the fact that there is always an audience, people continue to think outside of the box to provide creative, unique content. Not only are users creating new work, but many social media platforms also work hard to find new ways for users to interact with their sites.

Without these resources we would lose out on an opportunity to connect with those all around the world. This connection provides us with new content and information that leads to new ideas every day. If you’re someone who has held off from engaging with social media, know that for all the negatives, there’s plenty of positive impact of social media on society.

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