Note to Readers: Especially People Using Android Mobile Devices

On Monday November 12, 2018 several people reported that some pages were not loading properly. All of the readers that replied to questions about what device they were using, replied that they were having trouble with while using an Android device. After considerable troubleshooting, it was discovered that the problem is apparently related to articles that include YouTube videos and Google Maps embedded in the articles.

Using an Android device, the problem was confirmed here, too. Apple mobile devices, Macs and desktop PCs do not seem to be affected by the problem.

After long hours of troubleshooting, a solution has not yet been discovered. Since it is apparently a brand new problem, there is not specific support for this problem available via online research.

Until a solution is available, Android users will have to use a computer or an Apple mobile device to read past articles and new articles that include YouTube videos and Google maps. Most crime reports and many other news articles include a Google map and/or Street View for location perspective.

At this point, investigation of the problem is focusing on whether an unknown change in configuration of the host for might have negatively affected how the Internet devices pass through the information that allows the YouTube videos and Google maps to appear in an article. Articles that don’t include YouTube videos or Google maps appear normally.


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