Moving to Using More Secure HTTPS: You’re Going to See Some Broken Pages For Awhile

Here is a short documentation about why you’re probably seeing some broken pages on We’ve been preparing to change from HTTP to HTTPS for several months. HTTPS is a new standard for secure web browsing. This week brought more of a commitment to change over, and unfortunately, many features on don’t work well, and will have to be discontinued or modified in order to work properly. This will be a difficult process. Occasionally you will likely experience pages that won’t load or parts of pages that don’t appear. You might also see some computer code on a page.

You may also occasionally see the desktop version of the website while using a mobile device.

This will take time to correct.

Wired Magazine and the New York Times documented their changeover starting back in 2014. Wired Magazine called it a snag, while the New York Times called it daunting and a major hurdle. The changeover process for Wired Magazine’s website took over 5 months.

“[…] one of the biggest challenges of moving to HTTPS is preparing all of our content to be delivered over secure connections. If a page is loaded over HTTPS, all other assets (like images and Javascript files) must also be loaded over HTTPS. We are seeing a high volume of reports of these “mixed content” issues, or events in which an insecure, HTTP asset is loaded in the context of a secure, HTTPS page. To do our rollout right, we need to ensure that we have fewer mixed content issues—that we are delivering as much of’s content as securely possible.”

— Wired

“To successfully move to HTTPS, all requests to page assets need to be made over a secure channel. It’s a daunting challenge, and there are a lot of moving parts. We have to consider resources that are currently being loaded from insecure domains — everything from JavaScript to advertisement assets.”

— New York Times

This first week will be the worst, and then things will gradually get better.



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