Drunk Shopping a Growing Problem Across America; Average $3K Per Year Spent Online

Drunken shopping is a growing problem across the United States, particularly among Millennials and Generation X. Half of Americans who drink regularly, report shopping while intoxicated (RT/Natasha Sweatte).

Online shopping and drinking can result some heavy spending. Almost half of 2,000 Americans surveyed by Finder.com admitted shopping online while intoxicated.

Among 2000 adults surveyed, 46% who drink alcohol, admit to making a purchase while under the influence of alcohol, which projects to about 68 million people in the United States.

Three Categories of Shopping



“Good Old Fun”

— Deanna Lorraine, Relationship and Lifestyle Expert

Shopping online at home under the influence might save you a $10,000 DUI, but you still might be losing some excess money if you’re shopping and drinking.

SUI (Shopping Under the Influence)

60.27% of American adults — or an estimated 148 million — drink an average 7 alcoholic beverages weekly.

Americans spend $5.4 billion on alcoholic beverages a week — an average $36.56 per person.

The most popular alcoholic drink is beer, with 39.53% of American adults drinking an average 5 beers weekly.

Men are twice as likely as women to consume beer, with an estimated 53.4% of men enjoying a beer, compared with only 26.48% of women who pick up a can weekly.

Wine is a woman’s drink of choice, with 37.54% of women enjoying an average 2 glasses a week.

Millennials are twice as likely as Gen Xers and baby boomers combined to enjoy a glass of moonshine or other liquor.

Men are twice as likely as women to consume spirits, with an estimated 36.49% of men regularly boozing up on liquor compared with 18.43% of women.

— Finder.com

The year-to-date shopping comparison found an average $447.57 spent while under the influence from Jan. 1 2018 until the middle of March 2018, compared to $206 for the same time period last year.

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