Broward County Example: When Police and Government Trust Erodes, People See Things and Make Their Own Reality


With mistrust of government at all levels (toward the school district, to the Broward County Sheriff to the FBI) in Parkland, Florida; some “analysts” are questioning what objects were carried out of the west entrance of the 3-story building early in the aftermath of the mass shooting. The following is an example of how skeptics of government observe and analyze police activity, which elicited a wide range of possible conclusions.

Video from a news helicopter shows uniformed and tactical police personnel hastily exiting the notorious 3-story building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while transferring a heavy, long, black bag from the building to a pickup truck.

Two personnel in tactical gear and two uniformed police officers near the high school’s 3-story building were captured on news helicopter video rushing out while carrying what appears to be a heavy long black bag and other bags from the west Entrance/Exit, where police say shooter Nikolas Cruz walked out with fleeing students, and continued walking to a McDonald’s to buy a soft drink.

The notorious 3-story building is the location where many freshmen were reported to be shot and killed on the 3rd floor, and is the building closest to Holmberg Drive, and closest to the intersection of Holmberg Road and Coral Springs Drive.

On video, only two officers in tactical gear, wearing Kevlar helmets, are seen carrying the long black bag. They are accompanied by two uniformed officers — one is wearing blue nitrile gloves, and the other appears to be carrying something fairly heavy on his right side.

Speculators on social media have reacted to the video, with conclusions expressed regarding the police activity ranging from “special ops supporting a second shooter theory” to “unknown special personnel sanitizing the crime by removing evidence prematurely” to “special personnel carrying out the body of the so-called second shooter.”

The lead tactical officer, while carrying the heavy, long, black bag in his left hand, is seen assisting the trailing tactical officer with carrying the heavy bag, and also appears to be carrying a backpack in his right hand.

The trailing officer appears to be carrying the majority of the weight of the heavy, long bag with his left hand, and appears to be communicating with a device in his right hand near his face, while all four personnel rush out of the building toward an approaching pickup truck.

What appears to be a white or silver pickup truck, with emergency lights flashing in the parking light/running light area of the truck, is backed up to the west entrance of the 3-story building in the most northeast area of the high school campus buildings. An armored Bearcat tactical vehicle is seen parked facing the opposite direction — also near the Entrance/Exit.

The driver of the pickup truck, while sitting in the driver’s seat, throws, to the sidewalk below, what appears to be paper trash or medical paper towels or disposable supplies out the driver’s window. One of the uniformed officers scurries and crouches down to pick up the “trash” on the sidewalk.

Meanwhile the other three personnel secure the bags in the bed of the pickup truck.

Online, people have been supporting the conspiracy of an additional shooter, speculating that a dead second shooter is being carried out in a body bag.

Others have speculated that weapons are being carried out — evidence that should remain at the crime scene. However, the long bag could be a bag containing SWAT’s own weapons, ammunition and equipment that they might bring to a secure location inside the building in case of a long engagement with a mass shooter or shooters. The long bag could be consistent with a 95cm gun bag that SWAT are known to carry.

Also, the tactical officers could be SWAT medics, which would explain their rushed movements in the aftermath of the shooting. They could be organizing their equipment before rushing to help another injured person out on the street nearby. Or they could be rushing to re-organize their equipment to be ready for a potential future assignment. One of the backpacks appears consistent with a SWAT/MEDIC backpack.

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