The Blank Box Will Frighten Front Porch Package Thieves with a Specially Installed Shotgun Blank that’s Disguised in a Fake Package

This young female would-be package thief passes a house nonchalantly, then gets a scare when she tries to take TheBlankBox.

Would-be thieves are startled and sometimes go tumbling down the front yard when they attempt to pick up TheBlankBox. They think they’re going to steal your package. Instead they get a surprise. You can even purchase TheBlankBox (Camera not included).

The blank shotgun shell contains no gunpowder and no projectiles.

TheBlankBox: “So this is what they meant by hit the ground running! That, or he is practicing the invisible box challenge.”

TheBlankBox: “How to assemble and use TheBlankBox. You can put it together faster than anything you buy at IKEA.”

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