Coyote Kills 1 Dog, Injures 1 Dog in Backyard at Home 2 Blocks South of Deer Grove Forest Preserve, Palatine

Palatine police received a report that one dog was killed and another dog was injured in an attack by one or more coyotes that occurred while the dogs were unattended in the backyard of a Palatine home about two blocks south of Deer Grove Forest Preserve, near Palatine Stables and near Dundee Road and Northwest Highway.

According to Palatine police, two 14-year-old dogs were attacked about 8:00 p.m. Thursday November 9, 2017 in the yard of the home in the block of 1500 West Edgewater Lane, in a neighborhood that is located south of Deer Grove Forest Preserve between Dundee Road and Northwest Highway (US 14).

Both dogs were let out, unattended in the backyard, which is surrounded by an electronic pet fence. When the owner went to check on the dogs after a short time period, one animal was found dead and the other dog was found seriously injured. Breed information about the dogs was not available and was not listed in reports.

No coyotes were found in the area, but evidence indicated one or more of the animals was involved in the attack, according to Palatine police.

Area police departments, including Palatine Police Department remind pet owners to be vigilant regarding coyotes and their predatory behavior.

To deter coyote visits and attacks, residents should avoid leaving food or garbage outside. Also feed for squirrels and other wildlife should not be left in neighborhood situations. Coyotes should never be fed directly.

Coyote attacks, although rare, can happen very fast. Sometimes coyotes will grab smaller dogs with their clenched jaws and quickly drag their prey away to a remote area.

Video from an unknown location that shows the speed involved when a coyote attacks a small dog in 2010. Fortunately for this Chihuahua-wiener dog, a strong and fast Rottweiler came to his rescue and chased the coyote away (The YouTube channel publisher said there had been no coyote sightings in the area).

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Police in Grayslake, Illinois recently reported coyote attacks and consequently hired professional coyote trappers.

Grayslake police posted the following recommendations about coyotes …
• Stay away from any observed coyote. They are wild, unpredictable, and dangerous.
• Eliminate food sources for animals that are prey for a coyote (i.e. loose garbage, garbage bags, open food, wildlife, bird or squirrel food).
• Do not feed stray, wild, or feral animals.
• Do not leave small pets out of the home unleashed or unsupervised.
• Keep all fenced areas closed and hopefully inaccessible to coyotes.
• Report any aggressive animal behavior via 911 for possible police intervention (although we are not trained in animal trapping, we may scare an aggressive animal from the neighborhood).