Man Attacked with Chainsaw After Deliberate Head-on Crash in Parking Lot of Commercial Building on Golf Rd, Arlington Heights

Chainsaw Attack: Crime Scene Investigation on Golf Road, Arlington Heights (Viewer Discretion).

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 1:03 PM Monday June 19, 2017 to a report of a crash and chainsaw attack in a parking lot at 559 West Golf Road Arlington Heights, IL. Police and firefighter/paramedics received a report of a crash with injuries in a commercial building parking lot.

Police and firefighter/paramedics then received a report that a person was chasing another person with a chainsaw at the scene of the crash.

An Arlington Heights Fire Battalion Chief added himself to respond to the scene of a possible violent crime. Police and firefighter/paramedics discovered a blue car and a silver car crashed head-on in the western part of the parking lot. Police found the offender and secured the scene.

Arlington Heights police commander Andrew Whowel giving first press conference after chainsaw attack at office complex on Golf Road (Whowell interview begins at 1:14).

Multiple witnesses reported that a man waiting in a blue car swiped a chainsaw at a silver car as it drove by in the parking lot. The driver of the silver car appeared to try drive away, but the man with the blue car jumped in his car and sped around in the parking lot and crashed head-on into the silver car.

The man in the silver car jumped out of his car and started running eastbound in the parking lot. A witness said the man in the blue car opened his rear passenger driver’s side door, pulled out a chainsaw and “fired it up.” He then ran after the driver of the silver car.

The man from the silver car tripped and fell in the lot as he was trying to run away. Witnesses said the man with the chainsaw then attacked the downed man as he tried to get up. The victim raised his arms to protect his body and head, and one or both arms were hit by the running chainsaw. Witnesses said the attacker then tried to hit the man in the leg with the chainsaw, but the chainsaw jammed. A cellphone and blood was seen on the pavement of the parking lot where the man fell.

Witnesses tried to help the victim get inside the building while the chainsaw was jammed. A witness said the attacker looked angry and frustrated when the chainsaw was jammed.

Some witnesses said the attacker ran right by them while he chased the victim inside, and re-started the chainsaw. The witnesses also said blood was spurting from the victim as he ran inside the the commercial space at 561 West Golf Road. Blood was seen on the sidewalk in front of the door to the business.

The victim was attacked again inside the commercial business space. The attacker then came back outside and took off his shirt and shoes and appeared to sit down and wait for police. Some witnesses reported the attacker stripped down to his boxer shorts, and Chicago network TV news stations obtained cellphone video of the arrest of the attacker.

Police quickly secured the scene and took the attacker into custody. The police asked a witness the condition of the victim inside. The witness replied he was in pretty bad shape.

The victim was transported by Arlington Heights Fire Department firefighter/paramedics to a local hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Witnesses also reported that the attacker was the ex-husband of the victim’s girlfriend, who also witnessed the attack. Both the victim and the girlfriend work at a business in the building where the attack occurred.

An official release from the Arlington Heights Police Department is expected later today or tomorrow.





LIVE TRAFFIC MAP of neighborhood to a report of a crash and chainsaw attack in a parking lot at 559 West Golf Road Arlington Heights, IL …

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