Firefighters Search for Kids in a Sewer Between Dryden and Hintz and Camelot Park, Arlington Heights

VIDEO: Arlington Heights firefighters search for kids walking underground in a storm drainage sewer from approximately Camelot Park to Riley School (600-800 feet laterally underground).

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 2:21 p.m. Friday, May 26, 2017 to a report that three kids were trapped in a sewer. Firefighters soon discovered that the kids were not trapped but had entered the sewer or drainage tunnel culvert near the pedestrian bridge at Camelot Park and walked north underground. A resident in the block of 2700 North Dryden Place, just north of Hintz Road heard the kids talking underground as the children were walking in the drainage sewer that feeds a nearby creek.

While firefighters were possibly up to 800 feet or more underground, laterally in a storm sewer searching for the children, the kids were discovered safe near Windsor near Riley School at Windsor and Dryden.

Police transported the children to a location where they were checked by paramedics and questioned about their activity, and asked whether any other children were in the tunnel. Firefighter/paramedics continued to search the tunnel

Firefighters that entered in the backyard of the Dryden address surfaced and exited the drainage system from a manhole at Stuart Drive and Canterbury Drive — about 600 feet south from where the firefighters entered in the backyard on Dryden Place, and about half way to Camelot Park.

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