RT: Obama Beloved by Minorities, Less So by Military, Criticized for Broken Promises

RT Feature “Obama Out” … Polls show the country divided about the legacy of outgoing President Barack Obama. While he is popular with minorities and Democrats, the military mostly disapproves of him, and most Americans believe their lives haven’t improved during his presidency.

RT looks at several categories to assess President Barack Obama’s two terms. Following are their categories with additional information.

Nobel Peace Prize
Obama toppled Libya, and then funded rebels to tear apart Syria. We all know the sad shape Syria is in right now. He inherited two wars, but now the United States has military ops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Cameroon, Uganda, and Yemen.

Killing Bin Laden
Dumping Bin Laden’s body in a secret location in the sea was supposed to prevent or subdue riled up terrorist, but Bin Laden’s replacement heads ISIS; and suffering in the Middle East is incomprehensible.

Middle East Policy
Obama came to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, but there is more terrorism in the Middle East. Syria, Libya and Yemen were relatively peaceful when Obama took office. Terrorists hiding among refugees from those war torn areas of the Middle East are spilling over into Europe with terror acts having occurred in Brussels, Paris, Berlin. And now Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel has absolute incontestable evidence that the United States organized, advanced, and brought to the United Nations a recent resolution against Israel.

Policy on Russia
Obama said he was committed to resetting the United States and Russian relationship, and deepen Russia’s integration into the global economy, but Obama’s term is ending with sanctions against Russia for allegations of election meddling. Additionally, Obama is criticizing President-elect Donald Trump for his optimistic language similar to Obama’s own optimistic language toward Russia in 2008.

Obama says he turned recession into recovery and that his administration has put more people to work, but these aren’t good paying jobs. They’re jobs with short contracts and low wages. SNAP food stamp applications are up 33%, and debt continues to run up.

Racial Tension
Obama was supposed to create the more perfect union of the races and heal America’s racial divide, but instead we experienced the death of Trayvon Martin. Killing of blacks by police was highlighted, while the killing of blacks by blacks was largely ignored by national media. A new “War on Police” developed. Riots ignited in Ferguson, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Berkeley, New York, Columbia South Carolina, and Dallas. Non-violent Black Lives Matter protests repeatedly occurred in Chicago.

Gun Violence and Home-Grown Terror
Obama boasts that no foreign terror organization has successfully executed an attack on America in his eight years in office, but terror attacks occurred in the San Bernardino mass shooting (December 14, 2015), the Fort Hood mass shooting (November 5, 2009), the Little Rock Arkansas recruiting station shooting (June 1, 2009), the Boston Marathon bombing (April 15, 2013), the Brooklyn police execution (December 20, 2014), the Moore Oklahoma beheading (September 24, 2014), the Queens hatchet attack on police (October 23, 2014), the Garland, Texas mass shooting (May 3, 2015), and the Chattanooga Tennessee killing of four marines and a sailor (July 16, 2015). The Fort Hood mass shooting was classified as workplace violence (Mass shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan communicated with Al-Qaeda leader Anwar-al-Awlaki before the mass shooting). During Obama’s term FBI agents have complained how language referring to Islamic terrorism was stricken from their procedure manuals.

“Non-Islamic terror” mass shootings also became an epidemic.

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