Helpful Weather Pages Developed on Arlington Cardinal for Managing Winter Months

This week is the National Weather Service National Winter Preparedness Week, and has helpful pages to help you manage the winter months.
Information about El Niño, La Niña, “La Nada” with a world view of temperatures from the polar vortex near the North Pole to the warmer waters of the South Pacific helps awareness of the current weather season. The page also shows wind direction, wind speed and wind patterns.

The winter page also has a listing of winter-related warnings and advisories defined.
The snow page has precipitation forecast maps complete with forecast inches per hour of precipitation. The snow page refers to NWS snowfall tables for specific time periods for Arlington Heights and Chicago’s official O’hare.

The snow page also refers to snow cover maps, and a map with outdoor cams, traffic cams and local ski resort conditions.

You will also find a link that finds a list of all snowfall related articles from
Local temperatures map for Chicagoland.
Temperatures nationwide map.
General weather page with forecast, conditions, and links to multiple resources.
Radar views and links to more radar and satellite views.